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"What is the point of rushing through life?"


Defining Impatience

We all have impatience.
And when we are impatient, it can make us rush things, it can make us frustrated. Impatience can push us into a state of worry and panic that if we do not complete something by an amount of time something horrible will happen.

Being impatience is a very uncomfortable feeling thus it can create anger within us when someone has put us in such a state i.e. by being late to an arranged appointment.

When we only look outwards for the cause of Impatience we will only see the cause as being the person/situation that is making us "wait and wait."

But as we turn our attention inwards that is when we will discover the deeper Cause of Impatience - The Rejection of the Present Moment.

Impatience In Depth

To understand Impatience in depth one can look at how Impatience affects the state of Being Present. See Catalyst - Being Present if one wishes to learn more about the Present Moment.

Impatience basically is a Rejection of the Present Moment.
When we are impatient it is because we cannot accept the Present Moment / Present Self / Present Situation as is.

Why can't we accept the Present Moment as is?
Why can't we simply accept that we are going to be late to the meeting?
Why cannot we accept the fact that something will require a long time to do.
Why cannot we simply accept that person for making us late?

To understand the deeper Causes of impatience we have to look at impatience at the level of Our Reactions.
Whenever we are experiencing impatience, we are in a state of negative reaction towards what we are currently experiencing i.e. towards the person/situation which has made us wait.

And it is through developing the Knowing of why we are generating these Negative Reactions that we can find out the reasons as to why we are impatient - and the reasons are many.

I.e. it may be because we believe that the situation "should be" a certain way.
It may be because we believe that the person "should be" a certain way, i.e. not to waste our time, to speak faster, to do things quicker and so forth.

Thus through impatience we can discover our many negativities.

That is why the moments of impatience are opportunities for us to develop the Knowing of our Sufferings even more.

Unfortunately most of turn away from these opportunities because the sensations that impatience brings can be too difficult to accept.


Importance Of Addressing Anger


To address Impatience we have to first develop the motivation and intention to address it.

Thus let us look at the ways Impatience can limit our abilities to experience happiness in life.

When we are impatient, it can push us to do things "too quickly."
The following quote "Haste Creates Waste" holds much truth because what you will find that when you rush through things in life you will end up making mistakes and taking longer to complete that task.

Such is the irony that we will all experience when we go through the lessons of impatience in life.

Realize that when we complete tasks without impatience, rather with patience, the task will not only be able to be completed much more efficiently but at the same time the result will also be of a higher quality.

Impatience can also create hatred within towards the situations/people that bring out the impatience within us.

Often when we have strong issues with impatience we can start imagining the character of the person who has made us wait.
I.e. "They don't care about us, they have forgotten the arrangement, they are lying to us" and so forth and similarly towards the situations that are holding us back i.e. "Why is my day going so bad, why did God give me such bad luck, this is going to take forever!"

Thus the inner frustrations caused by Impatience is plenty.

What one will realize as one turns their attention inwards as they develop the Knowing of The Self is that as one releases impatience and looks back into the situations where they used to be full of hatred from being impatience, they will finally realize that in the past they have simply over-reacted. It is hard to realize this in the moment of impatience because the mind can convince us of all sorts of nasty things - and often what we will be left with is plenty of anger and frustration.

To address Impatience we have to also realize that we all have impatience to one degree or another. Most people often think they are patient just because they can "endure" the negative reactions within or that they are always "Acting" patiently.

But as long as you experience even a tiny/slight sense of Negative Sensations from being impatient then you are Impatient. It is by being aware that you have even the tiniest amount of negativities so that you can address the issues of Impatience entirely.

Of course Enduring the Negative Reactions and observing it as is, and not letting your impatience blow out of proportions will help you greatly with developing Stillness of the Mind. But to fully transform and release it we need to penetrate into it so that we can find the deeper Causes of our Impatience.

And that will take us to discover the Negative Ideas.

Path Of Creator

Impatience In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings are the Negative Ideas.
So let us look at the relationship between Impatience and the Negative Ideas.

When we are experiencing Impatience, we are experiencing Negative Reactions towards the Present Moment. And as we develop the Knowing of these Negative Reactions deeper and deeper what we will discover is that these Negative Reactions are driven by Negative Ideas.

I.e. when we are waiting for the bus to arrive for ages and ages we may begin to experience all sorts of Negative Ideas surfacing in the Mind.

I.e. "The bus should arrive on time/It is not ok to not be on time"
"The bus driver should not be late/It is not ok to not do one's jobs properly"

Or when we experience Impatience with trying to teach our relatives how to drive, we can experience all sorts of Negative Ideas in the deeper mind such as -

"Why is this person so stupid/It is not ok to be stupid"
"Why is this person not listening to me/It is not ok for people to ignore me"
"Why am I wasting my time with you/it is not ok for my time to be wasted"

The State Of Impatience

Impatience thus can be said as the experience where you are forced to stay with the Negative Ideas surfacing in the Deeper Mind.

Usually most of us would choose the option to run away from our Negative Reactions whenever we experience them but impatience is a bit special because the moments when we experience impatience are moments when we are given little opportunities to run away from it. We are stuck with the situation.

So from a spiritual perspective, we are in a situation where we have no choice but to face our Negativities. Impatience as such is a great opportunity for us to discover our Negativities and to develop the Deeper Knowing of it.

Thus if one wishes to learn more about one's Negativities one can simply do things which one finds impatient and try to stay in that experience trying to pull oneself into a state of Stillness.

And when the Negative Ideas are discovered one can go on a journey to discover the reasons as to why one is so attached to these Negative Ideas, i.e. "Why can I not accept that person/bus for who he/she is if he/she is stupid/slow? etc.

The Spiritual Lessons that one can go through to Catalyze the Knowing / Transformation is to realize that what we cannot accept in Other Selves will always reflect back to what we cannot accept in Ourselves.

The following are some examples of the ways in which we can transform impatience in everyday life scenarios.

Impatience out of Fear of Future

In terms of Impatience being driven by the fear that something bad is going to happen, one can simply Transform the Negative Ideas by trying to maintain a calm mind and not rush through things when they encounter a need to finish/complete a task in a quick manner.

For instance,
If you often take a bus for transport, you can simply walk normally without rushing towards the bus stop. Or if you drive a car for transport, you can simply drive your car calmly even when you experience a need to rush when you come towards the traffic lights. When you do this each time what you will realize is that there is no need to stress about these little things. If you do end up getting late so what. Nothing terrible is going to happen. It is not like you are not going to lose an arm or a leg. And this will help to transform your mind from always imagining the worst that could happen. When we do not resist our impatience we will only sustain the habit of always reacting negatively when we experience impatience within.

Impatience in relation to Wasting Time

I.e. The Negative Idea
"It is not ok to waste time."

This Negative Idea will push The Self to to cram their daily schedules with things to do and rarely take rests just in order to get the maximum amount of work done in the shortest amount of time as possible.

To Transform the Negative Ideas one has to develop the Knowing as to why one is attached to such a Negative Idea. One will often find the themes of "Responsibility" and "Imperfection" behind the Negative Declarations.

Often through the process of Transforming this Idea, one will find that through the journey one will learn about the importance of being patient and grounded because what they will realize that when one rushes through things often a lot of mistakes will be made.

Some things which you can do to Catalyze the Transformation is that you experience a strong negative reaction towards people who are wasting your time, tell yourself that through accepting them, you will be able to accept yourself when you are wasting time. And the more you practise this the less intense the negative reaction you will feel each time.

You can take things slowly and trusting that all things will end well. The importance is not in the outcome, but rather it is in the trust you have in yourself.

You can start working on impatience by doing less things a day rather than cramming all activities into one tight schedule.

You can pick up practices which takes time, such as meditation and yoga and observe your negative reactions through them.

The list of experiences that you can put yourself through are plenty! But in all experiences try your best to remain in a state of Stillness and develop Acceptance of The Self.

Benefits of Patience

To create the intention to address our Impatience we can also look at the benefits of Transforming and Releasing Impatience.

Realize that when you are impatient you will always be thinking into the future.
I.e. instead of trying to enjoy the present moment you will be always thinking about the future. As a result, instead of focusing on the enjoyment of doing that task you will end up focusing on trying to do that task for the sake of completing it. For example, instead of enjoying the present moment of chewing your food, you will start thinking about the next bite and so forth.

Thus a big lesson here is to realize that instead of doing it for the sake of finishing, we learn how enjoy the process instead.

Because how can you ever enjoy the present moment if you are constantly thinking about what to do next?

And as you become more patient, you will start enjoying doing things that used to make you feel impatient - for instance things which usually takes time i.e. composing music, talking with people, solving intricate problems, creating structures before you write an essay, making life plans, making travel plans, and so forth. So as we release Impatience we will be able to enjoy doing all the things in life with ease no matter how intricate, how long they can take. You will also find yourself having less of a desire to control people when they do things which make you wait.

At first when we work on impatience it can feel like as if everything will take forever to complete but within time you will realize that you've been all over-reacting this time

What is the point of rushing through life?


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you experience impatience, i.e. an urge to rush things through or an urge to try to control other people or the outer situation so you can get out of the terrible sensations that comes with impatience, simply stay in those moments and try your best to observe these physical sensations with a calm Mind.

Then ask yourself the following questions -
"What is it that I cannot accept in this situation?"
"Why can I simply not be happy in this Present Moment?"
"What is it that I cannot accept about the other person and how does this reflect back to myself?"

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

When you meditate you are stuck in a position where there is nowhere to go but to face all the Negative Ideas that surface in the consciousness.

Thus such a situation will bring out waves of impatience. What you are experiencing are actually waves of negativities coming from the Negative Ideas surfacing from the mind.

Simply try to pull yourself into a state of Stillness each time you experience negativity in your meditation, this is how you develop Self-Acceptance which can transform the negativities that are happening from within. By telling yourself that you rather by happy and calm and accepting rather than reacting negatively out of impatience to stop the practice or to rush through the body journey you are in fact transforming the old habit patterns of the mind.

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