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"From Stillness, Unstillness is Known"


Defining Stillness

What is Stillness?

In Chapter 4, Knowing Progresses With Stillness the state of Stillness was mentioned but here we will talk about it a bit more.

In life, it is difficult to be absolutely Still. This is because in every moment there always seem to be something there for us to do, i.e. tasks to complete and commitments to fulfil.

Even if we have nothing to do the tendency for us is always to fill that empty space with more things to do.

if you ask yourselves the following question - "How many minutes or even seconds a day do I spend on doing absolutely nothing?" - then you will realize just how much little time we spend in Stillness.

So we seem to be in the act of doing something all the time.
Even if we are not doing something on the outside, as we turn our attention inwards what we will discover is that we are in fact doing something on the inside in every moment - whether it is feeling, thinking, worrying, imagining and so forth - the queues of things to be processed in the Inner World is so much infinitely longer than the things to be done in the outside!

Why have we become like this?

The world has become a busy place and the emphasis on completing more things in less time has become greater and greater.

Yes we have been pushed by the demands of the society to do more and more in less and less time - and as a result this has also created a destructive habit. Now every time we do nothing can we feel a sense of unease and incompletion.

Yes we have been driven to believe that Stillness is Unnatural. And that Unstillness is the natural way of living!

As such most of us have developed a habit of steering away from the state of Stillness to the point that Unstillness has become the desirable commodity in society. Just look outside as see how many posters outside which encourages us to fill our lives with exciting things to do and how many posters encourage us to be do less in life.

It is thus hard for people to understand what the Stillness really is.
Because when one tries to understand Stillness from an Unstill mind, then he/she will not get anywhere.

Thus let us look at the ways in which we can develop the Knowing of Stillness from actual experience.

Stillness In Depth

There are two ways to create the experience of Stillness -

1. To do less of the things which make our mind Unstill.

To develop Stillness, we can simply become aware of the activities that Create Unstillness of the Mind and do less of them.

Activities which Unstills the mind are activities which stimulates the mind.

And Stimulation can come from many things - from over-using our brains from doing intellectual tasks and multi-tasking all the time and from excessive drinking partying and so forth.

The activities which can stimulate the mind greatly can be unique and particular to each individual so to find the activities which stimulate your mind simply observe the Inner Worlds as you go through your daily experiences and write down the activities which you have done which has stimulated the mind - and then do less of those.

2. To do more of the things which create Stillness.

Activities which promotes Stillness has already been covered in Chapter 4, Knowing Progresses With Stillness.
These are the things which encourage us to focus more on the Physical Self rather than the Mental/Emotional aspects of The Self. These are things such as gardening, walking in the park, tai-chi, meditation and so forth.

The more you create Stillness in your lives the more you will come to understand what the state of Stillness really is. You will begin to discover the differences between the "Reactive" state of the mind and the "Observant" state of the mind - the latter which will allow you to simply observe everything as is by letting them come and go rather than "reacting" to them.

If you wish to really experience the state of Stillness then the practice of meditation is recommended because it is by closing our eyes and our senses to the outside world that we can truly develop a deep state of Stillness within.

Path Of Creator

Stillness In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Self-Knowing has the Power to transform The Self.
And it is through Stillness that we develop that Knowing.
Because to Know the Self is not done through "philosophizing / thinking / analyzing" but rather to simply observe the Truth/Reality as is.
And the state of Stillness is what allows us to penetrate through the illusion of the Mind/Thoughts/Imagination into the Reality of who we really are.

Thus the more we develop Stillness the more we will be able to achieve such a state of observation - because it is from such a state that we can observe all our experiences as is i.e. to see our emotions/thoughts as is - to see Reality as is - allowing all forms of thoughts and emotions to come and go without "imagining/exaggerating/diminishing" the experience.

Stillness is what catalyzes the Knowing of The Self in relation to one's Sufferings.
Because it is from Stillness that we can see Unstillness.

Thus as we allow our mind to gently/peacefully/rest into a state of Stillness, it is then we can begin to experience the sufferings/negativities/disturbances of the mind with much more clarity - i.e. the colours of our thoughts and emotions will always seem in a more vivid and clearer colour when the colour of the paper has turned clear and likewise when the Mind is perfectly calm and Still, then all the causes of the disturbances are known.
This is what is meant by Developing The Knowing of The Self through Stillness.

To develop such Experienced Knowledge one can practice The Creator's Meditation. Through the meditation you will be guided into a state of Present/Calm/Stillness/Deep Awareness where you will be able to observe and develop the Knowing of The Self at an accelerated rate.

"It is through unhappiness that happiness is known"
Likewise, it is through happiness that unhappiness is known"

Through meditation as one lets go off layers by layers of their surface thoughts, one will begin to experience a sense of serenity. And as the practice progresses, one can begin to experience a deeper sense of happiness and bliss as their mind becomes more Still.

This natural state of mind will come to us in waves and waves and in more frequency the more we meditate and simply observe and let go of all our attachments towards the inner waves of emotions and thoughts. These moments of peace and harmony will be moments when we are without worries, without fears, without the ideas of how the self should be.

However as one goes deeper into the silence and serenity one will also encounter challenges of remaining in the depth of that tranquillity. As one ventures forth into supreme silence and stillness one will begin to detect the subtlest of fears and negativities. Thus through the silence the noise is heard, through Stillness the Sufferings are discovered.

And more Sufferings will be discovered the more we carry that tranquil state of mind in the outer world as we are met with challenging situations or people. That is why the Outer World is so invaluable as a means to bring out the deeper negativities of the Mind.

Through meditation, it will take us to experience a sort of happiness and positivity that we have never experienced before. Although these positive experiences may last only during the time when our mind is calm and balanced during the practice, these experiences are an important reminder of the greater work we have to do to which is to find the cause as to why our mind cannot be calm and balanced in every moment. And it is also through experiencing greater happiness that we realize that we have not yet experienced true happiness.

In Summary

From Stillness
Unstillness is Known

Much like when you are in a state of Absolute Silence, You will hear not only of the subtlest Noise outside but also of the subtlest Noise coming from the inside,
Through which you will begin to develop the Knowing of them, of where they are from.

And likewise when you are in the state of Stillness,
You will see the beginnings of Unstillness,
You will see the Beginnings of all Thoughts and of all Emotions.

And as you bring yourself into even deeper Stillness,
You will become aware even more of the Deeper Self

Becoming aware of who you really are.

So realize that with Absolute Stillness.
All will be Known.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Every day plan a journey of Stillness. I.e. this can be as short as going from home to the bus stop or as long as the whole day.

In that journey declare to yourself that you will take it easy/be patient/be still and not rush no matter what happens. Do your best not to "think" but to simply observe.

You can make a mental declaration

"I will not think about anything but simply observe the present."

And try to remain in this state throughout your journey. I.e. even if your bus arrives - try your best to remain still.

Through such a practice you will be able to uncover/discover/develop the Knowing of much of your Negative Reactions at the same develop the ability to not feed into your Negativities as you experience them.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

In The Creator's Meditation as you descend into deeper and deeper states of Stillness, what you will discover is that your awareness of the subtle thoughts/emotions will become more and more vivid.

In these experiences it is possible that as you become aware of them your mind will start to wander and again you will experience Unstillness.

And when you experience these try not to fall into the illusion that you are "meditating" wrong or the blame the practice of being wrong.

Do not be disappointed. In fact give yourself an applause when you experience Unstillness because these are precious opportunities for you to develop the Knowing of your Sufferings deeper.

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