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"To Accept or Not to Accept? - that is the bigger question."


Defining Acceptance

Acceptance can be defined as Love

But as the definition of Love can differ greatly from one individual to another we will define Acceptance through another way which is to define it through the perspective of Nature - it is here we can witness Truth / Love / Wisdom happening in its pureset form.

If we look at the World outside, what we will discover is that the Nature/Universe is always in an act of Acceptance.

For instance, a leaf would fall to where the wind takes it, the water will flow to where its path takes it, the Sun would rise and fall in accordance to the cosmic flow.

Whatever comes, comes, whatever goes, goes.

Nature thus will not try to change the individualities of Fire or Water, or Light or Darkness. Whatever it is, it simply just lets it be.

Nature does not Resist nor Distort the Truth - but simply Accepts the Truth as is.

Thus when we look at Acceptance from the perspective of Nature that the definition of what Acceptance becomes much clearer - which is to allow everything to be as is.

Such a simple definition of Acceptance can really be misunderstood when passed through the complicated minds of men. This is because unlike Nature, we the divine gift of free-will - of making Choices. As such we have a choice to not Accept everything that is all around us.

Thus unlike Nature, we can choose to Reject.
Rather than to simply Accept.

We can choose to Reject our surroundings. i.e. remove that tree blocking our view.
We can even Reject each other i.e. to not Accept others for who they are and attempt to change them to make them more "Perfect" in our views.
We can even choose to direct that Rejection inwards.

It is only when we look at the way we react and interact with the world every day that we Realize just how much we are Rejecting in every moment. i.e. rejecting people when they anger us, rejecting ourselves when we fail at something, cursing at the sky for bringing us a bad day, cursing the bad weather for ruining our laudry.

In fact many of us are so conditioned to the State of Rejection that we have come to believe that such a State is Natural i.e. instead of Accepting someone who has betrayed us or made us angry for who they are and moving on, most of us often end up holding resentment and seek revenge upon them out of Rejection.

When the Idea of simply Accepting All As sounds Unnatural to our Minds, we have deviated from Nature.

Thus these days, instead of choosing to "Accept",
We often choose to "Attack" instead.
To attack that Person who is different in appearance, to attack that country which is different in politics, to attack that community which is different in religion.
Instead of acting like Nature and Accept all as is,
We attack all those around us that we believe should not be there.

Thus for a mind which is always in a state of Rejection, the Idea of Acceptance will thus be difficult to comprehend. That is why to understand Acceptance, instead of analyzing it we can simply look and observe at Nature which is always flowing in the state of Acceptance.

Look at that Tree which stands still even when facing a storm!
It simply stands to Accept the storm as is.

Thus if one wants to learn what it takes to truly Accept a situation or to truly Accept an experience or to truly Accept Someone, one can simply learn from the tree, from the wind, from the leaves, from the water, from the air, from the sun, from the planets, from the flow of the galaxies, from the Universe.

Yes, let the Universe be our Greater Teacher

Acceptance In Depth

Insight Into Acceptance

From the surface one can easily come into the conclusion that Acceptance is about the "Act of Acceptance - i.e. Acceptance as an Action.

I.e. perhaps one will conclude that the Act of allowing someone to yell at us whilst we stand there like a tree and doing nothing is an act of Acceptance.
I.e. Perhaps one will conclude that the act of submitting to our bad luck and misfortune and doing nothing about it is an act of Acceptance,
I.e. Perhaps one will conclude that being friends with someone who we hate is an act of Acceptance.

However, to truly understand what Acceptance really is one has to look at Acceptance beyond the level of the Surface as a form of Action and towards seeing Acceptance at the deeper level of the Reaction.

It is much easier to understand what Acceptance is when we look at it from the level of the Reactions - our Inner State rather than Outer Appearance. This is because we can always lie through our Actions and pretend that we are "Accepting" but our Reactions/State will never lie.

It is only when we look at Acceptance from the level of Reactions that we can truly understand what Acceptance really is. And what we will discover is that when we are in such a state, we are allowing everything to be as is. In such a state we are im harmony inwards and outwards. Such a peaceful state is a refined state of Happiness - a state that most of us have not yet experienced.

And from that State of Acceptance, what actions that follows will simply be a matter of choice. I.e. we can be in a state of Acceptance even when we express our views at someone who is yelling at us.

Thus the true test of whether one is truly Accepting comes not from one's Actions rather it is from One's Reactions.

Path Of Creator

Acceptance In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Acceptance has been talked in length in this article.

But for what purpose?

We are all on a journey towards Happiness.

And how far we reach our destination will depend greatly on how much we refine and develop our own definition of Acceptance/Love

What is the relationship between Acceptance and Happiness?

From The Path Of Creator - Chapter 5. Discovering The Sufferings it was made clear that the Seed Cause of our Sufferings begins with our attachment towards Negative Ideas.

And what are Negative Ideas?

These are Ideas which promotes the Rejection Of The Self.

And these Ideas can be simplified to Self-Declarations beginning with "It is not ok..."

"It is not ok to be selfish"
"It is not ok to be rude"
"It is not ok to not be successful"

Negative Ideas are The Seed Cause of our Negative Reactions/Fears/Unhappiness - Our Sufferings.

Thus whenever we are experiencing Suffering we can simply become aware that there are Negative Ideas (Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self) driving the experience.

And from another point of view, the Rejection is there because there is a Lack Of Self-Acceptance.

Thus Negative Ideas can be seen as Ideas Created from a Lack of Self-Acceptance.

Thus to release oneself from their Sufferings/Negative Ideas will always involve the lessons Self-Acceptance, of Transforming the Negative Ideas towards Potentiated Ideas (Ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self.)

"It is not ok to be selfish" ---> "It is ok to be selfish"
"It is not ok to be rude" ---> "It is ok to be rude"
"It is not ok to not be successful" ---> "It is ok to not be successful"

There will be of course confusion as to what Acceptance is along the way. Because on the journey of Transformation you will also be refining and transforming your definition of what Acceptance is through life experiences.

Here are some common confusions. When we transform a Negative Idea to a Potentiated Idea.

For instance, let us look at the following Negative Idea

“It is not ok to be rude” --> “It is ok to be rude”

The focus here is not on becoming a rude person.

The focus here is not on not expressing ourselves to a rude person.

The focus here is not on letting the rude person do whatever they want to us.

These are simply actions and we all have the freedom to make choices as to how to deal with a rude person at the level of the action.

The focus of the Path is on developing Acceptance Of The Self at an Inner Level. And that is with Stillness / Compassion / Wisdom.

To illuminate the Confusion of how to develop Acceptance at the Inner Level the practice of Meditation and Yoga will be helpful. Because these practices will help to develop Stillness and Self-Awareness. Without these two it is easy to simply React in a Suffering situation and focus too much on blaming outwards rather than looking for the deeper solution inwards.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

One of the ways to develop the Knowing of the Deeper Causes and the Spiritual Lessons behind your Sufferings, the following question can be asked when one encounters Suffering i.e. (Unacceptable situations/People/Anger/Fears etc.)

Question The Self

"How can I reach a state of Acceptance in this situation?"

Realize that there are many styles of Acceptance which can help one to develop the Knowing.

  • Style 1 - Directing the acceptance outwards.
  • Style 2 - Directing the acceptance inwards.
  • Style 3 - "If the Other Self Can, then I can"
  • And so forth..

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

In the Creator's Meditation as you go through the body journey and observe all sorts of physical sensations with a Still and Calm Mind without exaggerating and diminishing them, of observing them as they are without aversion or craving, you are in fact practising Acceptance at the Natural/Universal level of the mind. Such pure quality of Acceptance has the power to catalyze the Transformation of even the greatest of Sufferings.

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