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Love - Universal

"We can only Love as far as we can see"


Defining Love

What is Love?

Each individual will all have their own unique ways of interpreting what “Love” really is. For instance, some people may think Love is about extending their hand out to someone who are in need of help. But some people may think Love is about giving people an opportunity to help themselves rather than helping them directly. Likewise, some people may think that love is about sacrificing themselves by working overtime for their jobs whilst for some they may think that love is about learning to relax and not working too hard. Some people may think Love is about showing physical affection whilst others may think Love is about showing emotional affection and so forth.

Thus everyone’s definition of love will always be different and often Love is defined through examples of Physical Actions of what Actions are Loving and what Actions are Not.

In this article, an attempt will be made to describe Love in its purest form – i.e. at the energetic level i.e. at the level of Reactions/State rather than Actions/Appearance.

Love In Depth

Universal Love

The definition of Love can be understood clearer when we try to understand Love not from individualistic Minds but from the perspective of the Universe – this is because we have the ability to distort the “Truth” with our thoughts and imagination of what it is but Nature will never try to hide the Truth i.e. it is always revealing to us the Truth side of Creation rather than hiding it. I.e. the Nature of Fire will never change, the Nature of Water will never change, the Nature of Earth will never change and similarly Universal Love will never change.

Thus as one tries to understand what Love is from the perspective of the Universe one will begin to realize that Love is an energy which promotes Harmony and Balance rather than Chaos. Without “Love” as the centripetal force of Creation then no balance / no laws will be able to be found / no order will exist for everything to exist in harmony with one another - in short the Whole Universe would no longer exist and collapse .

Realize that the energy of Love is operating within every fibre of the entire Universe. Even by taking apart a smallest Universe i.e. an Atom and observing the world within, one will even be able to discover the presence of Love pulling the opposing polar sides together harmoniously so that it can exist as an individualistic Self. And as atoms are the building blocks from which all is made, Love is present in every moment of Time/Space and also within us.

And as one develops the Knowing of The Self one will gradually realize that as Love is the centripetal Force in the Outer World, so is Love the centripetal Force in the Inner World, driving us to live the way we are

In every moment are we not trying to “Love” in our own special way? whether it is to fulfil our own desires or to fulfil others, whether it is to help ourselves or other Selves. As one continues to observe more and more one will realize that we are all striving to Love in some form or another in every moment.

Thus the ultimate question that is important is not really about what is "Love" because we are all doing it and we will all have our own definitions of what it is.
The important question is how to become more loving than before – i.e. how to improve and refine our Knowing of what Love really is.

Path Of Creator

Love In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey is about releasing ourselves from Sufferings so that we can experience Greater Happiness.

So how does Love play in this part?

We first understand again what Love is from the perspective of the Universe – See Catalyst - Acceptance for more details.

Love can be said to be a state of Harmony and Balance. The Universe thus can be said to be always in a state of becoming One.

When there is an imbalance, the Universe will strive for balance out of love.

Much like when hot water and cold water come together, the forces of love will take them towards a harmonious outcome, of balancing each other until warmth is created out of love.

Much like when a force is applied to an object it will move forwards in order to balance the imbalance. Without the law of love, there will only be a chaotic law where cold water will boil or freeze or objects will move without a force, without a reason, without love – just Chaos.

And as the earth turns, we turn.
Thus as Love is a centripetal force in the Universe that is outside of us, it is also a centripetal force that acts within us.

The reason why we experience suffering is because we can choose not to turn in the same direction as the Universe i.e. to distort the definition of what Love really is. Suffering and sadness can be said to be signals telling us that we are misaligned with the greater Universe.

Thus as one polishes one's definition of Love towards one which resonates with the Universe one will be able to come closer to experiencing true peace and true happiness within oneself.

So how do we Refine the definition of Love?

The definition of Love cannot be refined through the mental exercises of analyzing of what it is and what it could be.

Love is naturally refined when we address the Cause of why we cannot Love with our fullest Potential – i.e. what is limiting the flow of Love within us.

And as we look within for the Cause what we will discover is that the impediments to Love will always recede back to our Sufferings i.e. our Negativities and Fears.

For instance, how can we ever Love fully when we are in a state of Anger? Or in a state of Fear? Or in a state of Confusion and Greed?

Thus to refine Love we address our Sufferings.
Release the Anger, then one will be able to Love with Clarity
Release the Fear, then one will be able to Love with Courage.
Release the Confusion, one will be able to Love with Wisdom.
Release the Greed, then one will be able to Love Unconditionally.

Thus instead of focusing our energy into analyzing what Love is i.e. what actions is loving and what actions are not - it's much worthwhile to redirect our attention towards working on our Sufferings then the Knowing of Love really is will naturally come.

We Can Only Love As Far As We Can See

Love is like a piece of rock which can always be polished more and more to become a sparkling diamond.

Thus without the attempt to polish that rock, our ability to "Give Love" and "Perceive Love" will always be limited to what we currently Know.

For instance it may be hard for a child to feel “Loved” when their parents tell them to eat more vegetables instead of candy because they have not yet accumulated enough experiences to understand about the importance of having a healthy diet.

And likewise, when someone Loves us in a way that we cannot accept and do not understand then that Love could not be perceived.

It is only when we have the experience of having stepped into someone else's shoes and experience, i.e. being a parent, that we can understand where that person is coming from and see the Love behind the actions.

Thus to refine our sense of what Love really is we have to open our Heart and Mind towards others rather than to Reject them. Because as soon as we Reject someone we can easily close down all opportunities to polish that Rock and refine our definition of what Love really is. It is only with a determination to Accept someone that we can have any possibility of expanding the Love within.

Love At All Levels

We are body, mind and soul.
Thus to Love completely, we have to learn how to love ourselves and each other at all levels.

Life will often present situations when we become confused as to how to love ourselves when our body says one thing but our mind says the other. There will also be situations where we become confused as to how to love others and love ourselves at the same time when we are engaged with someone in an argument. When one encounters situations which bring confusion to the mind that means the Self has not yet known Love well enough to know what to do and what to think. Thus these "confusing" situations are “opportunities” for us to grow. It is thus beneficial to encounter these experiences because finally we are shown the side of Love that we do not yet truly Know which is waiting to be Known and Refined.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Instead of focusing on trying to define what Love really is or trying to get others to agree with your definition of what Love is about, turn your attention to the greater work which is to address your own Sufferings.

The Creator's Meditation
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Whenever you experience thoughts about how to love a particular person or be loving in a particular situation in your meditation sessions simply try your best to observe the thoughts coming and going without engaging in it. Realize that it is only when you reach a state of clarity that the answers will naturally surface.
So instead of “analyzing” simply “observe” and let everything come naturally

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