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Summary for Path Of Creator

Path Of Creator

Chapter 1. Path Of Creator Introduction

We all share one common destination - Towards Greater Happiness.

The Path Of Creator is about the journey towards that destination.

Chapter 2. Temporary & Everlasting Happiness

Happiness comes in two forms, temporary happiness and everlasting happiness. Temporary Happiness is just a part of our Journey, the journey is about creating greater happiness through Potentiation - through Transforming And Releasing one's Sufferings.

Chapter 3. The Journey Progresses With Knowing

The journey can only progress with Knowing.

Because we can only address our Sufferings as much as we know it is there.

We can only address the issues to do with the mind as much as we know about the mind.

Thus without Knowing,
There can be No Progress.

Chapter 4. Knowing Progresses With Stillness

It is through Stillness that the Knowing of The Self can become deeper.

Because Stillness will allow one to become more Self-Aware of what is happening in the world within throughout every moment. This will help one to develop the Knowing of The Self.

Thus without developing Stillness.

There cannot be deeper Knowing.

Developing The Knowing is what creates progress on the Path Of Creator

Chapter 5. Knowing The Suffering

And as we develop the Knowing of the Deeper Cause of our Sufferings, we will realize that all forms of Sufferings recede to Negative Ideas.

Negative Ideas are Ideas which promote the Rejection of The Self i.e.
"It is not ok..."

And the more we develop Inner-Awanress, the more we will be able to discover the Negative Ideas within our experiences.

This will allow us to have at least an Idea about the journey that we are undertaking.

Chapter 6. Transforming The Suffering

Stillness and Knowing works hand in hand to Naturally Create Transformation.

Because they have the Power to change our Negative Belief and Negative Energy.

By inverting the Negative Ideas we will have at least have an Idea of the destination of our journey. i.e.
"It is ok.."

These are Potentiated Ideas - Ideas which promote the Acceptance of The Self.

Chapter 7. Catalysts

By Knowing the Negative Ideas and inverting them now the Journey of transforming particular Sufferings is clear. I.e.
"It is not ok to fail" --> "It is ok to fail"

On that journey one will no doubt face confusions and challenges. One can use Catalysts to accelerate that journey. Catalysts work by directing one's energy in an efficient way to create progress - by promoting Stillness, Knowing and Self-Acceptance.

So where to now?

Perhaps you have a particular form of suffering you wish to address or to know more about - you can read the articles in the Catalysts section.

You can also join the Facebook page for updates and be part of the community.

My personal suggestion for you to start your journey is to begin with your health. Your health is important, and a lot of our unhappiness and low energy can come from an incorrect diet and a stressful lifestyle. If you can't even take proper care of your body, how do you expect to take proper care of the mind? Thus the attempt to improve the health is a good start to create a good mentality for Self-improvement. You can access articles related to health on this website such as the Catalyst - Disease and Catalyst -Diet and do your own research from there to improve your health day by day.

However, if you wish to begin Developing Stillness, Knowing, and Transforming your Sufferings then there are three Catalysts which you can start out with. These Catalysts are techniques designed to develop your Foundation at the same time promote the Knowing of The Self for Transformation.

The Holy Temple Technique

This is a short technique which can be learnt and applied in 2 minutes. This is for people who wish for a quick way to Still their Mind in particular moments throughout the day.

5 Present Breaths Meditation

The 5 Present Breaths is a simple meditation technique for those who have 20 minutes a day to practice. This is a technique which draws the Mind into the State of Being Aware of the Present Moment deeper and deeper with every breath. This is a technique for those who wish to develop greater Inner-Awareness of the Universe within in every moment. Through the technique one can develop Inner Stillness even more and this will mark the beginning of one's journey of Self-Knowing.

The Creator's Meditation

The Creator's Meditation which is a 22 days course. This Meditation technique integrates the aspects of the 5 Present Breaths and expands it to go deeper into the meditation experience. The technique is simple and can actually be learnt in a few minutes but each aspect of the meditation - The Breath, the Posture, the Mental State, Deeper Stillness is developed developed through Experienced Knowledge thus the 22 days.

This meditation technique is for those who are serious in accelerating the Transformation of their Sufferings. It teaches the practice of Vipassana - the act of Observing Reality without Distortion - developing Outer and Inner Stillness - and ways to transform different forms of Sufferings through the practice.

Within each article in the Catalysts section of the website there is also a seperate Creator's Meditation section pointing out various ways to use the meditation to develop the Knowing and Transformation of the particular Sufferings in more depth.

Creation Within Creation

We are at the end of The 7 Chapters of the Path of Creator.
Or the beginning of your journey?

Here we will look at how Life is in itself a Catalyst which can be used to help accelerate our soul journey here towards greater Expansion and Happiness.

Life is Divinely designed to push us in a forward motion,
Because as Consciousness Beings we are in fact growing and expanding from our experiences in every moment to become ever more Knowing of Who We Are.

Thus from the perspective of the Consciousness we are in fact already on a Path which is Potentiating/Expanding rather than a Path which is Retrograding/Shrinking.

It's important to live, to have a proper life especially if we want to fulfill our soul purpose of creating Greater Happiness. Because Life will always help us to bring out into light the hidden sufferings that is lurking from within.

In every moment, Life is throwing at us lessons to do with Self-Acceptance. But without knowing what these lessons are and how to get through them we can simply stagnate on our journey towards Greater Happiness. Without Insight we can never properly see what is happening on the Outside.

That is why I have created the Path Of Creator. It is itself a Catalyst to accelerate Self-Growth.

Each Chapters were designed to open up your awareness to various truths of the mind so that you can see the spiritual lessons that we encounter every day in life.

Without Knowing the importance of Happiness, of addressing Unhappiness, of developing Stillness, of the Inner and Outer Cause of Suffering, of the importance of Self-Acceptance, the lessons cannot be seen. The soul is truly lost when it has lost the connection with the heart - the heart which wants us to create happiness and address unhappiness.

So perhaps this is the beginning of your journey?

Ahead of us,

Greater Happiness and Freedom are waiting to be experienced

Greater Transformation and Stillness are waiting to be experienced

Greater Potential and Creativity are waiting to be experienced.

Ahead of us,

Are mysteries waiting to be discovered.

"What are my Fears?"

"What are my Deeper Fears?"

"What are the cause of my sufferings?"

"What are my Deeper Purposes in Life?"

"Who AM I?"

Why were we Created with the Inherent intuition to guide us towards Happiness?

Is it not by taking the journey there,

That we may then discover the answers?

The Path Of Creator was named not only to express the Potential we have as The Creator to Create and Transform our Worlds but it was named also because from taking that Journey, one will come to Know the Greater Creator.

Like knowing a piece of Rock, one may come to know the Greater Mountains.

By knowing an Ocean Of Water, one may come to know the Sky.

And likewise, by Knowing The Infinite Self,

Then One will know All There Is To Know.

As the Universe Around us is Infinite.

The Universe Within is also Infinite.

So keep moving forward to Know Infinity.

To Know the Person behind the Personality,

To know the Reactions behind the Actions

To Know the Ideas behind the Ideas

To Know the Creator behind the Creation

Know The Self


Creation Within Creation.


Infinity Sign