Creation Within Creation
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Chapter 4

Knowing Progresses With Stillness


In every moment we are more or less developing the Knowing about ourselves; Whether it is through the moments of contemplation, moments of experience, moments of sadness or joy and so forth

However, it is in the moment of Stillness that we can go Deeper into ourselves.

This is because when there is too much clutter in the mind, we will only be able to see ourselves at the level of the Personality - The Surface Self which is constructed through the surface thoughts and emotions.

For instance, if every thought was a piece of leaf, the more we "think/analyze" about who we are, the harder it will be to see The Self beneath the clutter of leaves that we have Created for ourselves. It is only when our mind is Stilled through letting our thoughts come and go that we can become aware of the deeper Self -
It is then we will come to see the branches beneath the leaves, the trunk that Created the branches and come to discover the roots and the Seed of its Creation

It is then we can come to know the Tree in Totality,

It is then we can come to Know The Self in Totality,
It is then we can come to Discover the Roots and Seed of our Sufferings.

Observation from Stillness

Thus to Develop the Knowing of The Self.
We simply Observe "Who We Are"
Rather than "thinking/Analyzing about Who we are."

Although it sounds simple to simply observe but this will be challenging for most people.

This is because it has become common for us these days to continually stimulate our minds, engaging it through intellectual exercises i.e. analyzing between profit and losses, worrying, doubting, in imagining things that have not yet happened and so forth.

When our mind is constantly stimulated, we can end up living in a "Reactive State" thus making it difficult for us to simply observing experiences as they are.

So it is can be difficult for some to understand the difference between Thinking and Observing.

Realize that the state of Observation will Naturally come when one is in a State of Stillness.

Because when one is in a state of Stillness,
One will automatically know the difference between thinking/analyzing a question and simply observing a question.

When one is in Stillness.

One will automatically know the difference between judging a Negative emotion or Positive emotion as good or bad and simply observing it as is.

So by simply practicing Stillness, all the pieces of the puzzle will Naturally fall together.

So let us look at the ways in which we can develop Stillness.

Practices which promote Stillness

Stillness can be simply said as a state of the mind when it is naturally relaxed i.e. without stimulation.

When the mind is in such a state, this will allow every experience to be absorbed and perceived in its totality.

Thus the deeper the Stillness, the deeper the Knowing of The Self will be developed in every moment.

There are many things ways in which we can develop Stillness.

Any activity that can keep our attention/awareness focused whilst requiring little thinking can help to promote Stillness. These are also called "Grounding" activities.

Examples can include some forms of physical exercises, sports, gardening, cleaning the house or just simply taking a walk outside.

We can also stimulate our mind less by taking it easy, for instance to take breaks in between work, to rush less in life, to fill our days with less activities rather than filling it up to the brim with things to do, do less multi-tasking and focus more on one thing at a time rather than multi-tasking and so forth.

However it is with practices such as meditation that can help one to truly develop Stillness. Because it is only when one closes their eyes, shutting off their outer senses that their inner senses can become highly attuned into the world inside. It is there that profound states of Stillness can be developed.

These are just some examples, others include Ashtanga Yoga and Taichi.
The list of things that we can do are Infinite!
So be Creative!

Choose the grounding activities which resonates best with you!

So look into your Life now and ask yourself the question,

"What activities can I do More to Still the mind?"
"What activities can I do Less to Still the mind?"

So Realize the Power of Stillness.

Stillness is what will drive your journey forward.
Because with Stillness, we will be able to see deeper and deeper into ourselves.

And discover the Seed Cause of our Sufferings.

Chapter 5. Knowing The Suffering
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