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Defining Vipassana

Vipassana is a meditation technique allowing one to Realize the reality of their whole being through Inner Observation.

This was a technique originally taught by Gautama Buddah. Traditionally teachings of the Buddah are not written down but rather passed and preserved orally through time.

The meditation technique has “re-surfaced” in the recent past with S. N. Goenka being the main giver of the teaching.

These days, to learn the meditation technique will require one to take a 10 day course. Each day involves around 10 hours of meditation with video discourses of Goenka ‘s teachings at the end of the day.

This article will look at Vipassana and the ways in which it can help one to transform and release their Sufferings.

More information about Vipassana can be found on the course section below

Vipassana In Depth

This article looks into the effectiveness of the technique.

Please take into consideration that the following article is based on personal opinions of the technique. To truly Know the effectiveness of the technique one must develop Experienced Knowledge by applying for a course in the course section below.

The Teaching

The Vipassana technique created by Buddah is a very powerful technique.

It can be used to not only develop the Complete Knowing of The Self, but also it can be used to Transform all forms of Sufferings.

But this is only possible when the two following criterias are met.

1. The technique is taught in its purest form.

2. When the students understand what the practice is about.

The main problem with Vipassana thus is not in the technique itself but rather any confusions that may arise will come from either the teaching and the learning.

The reason why the teachings can lack clarity is because of a lack of proper teachers and resources as the teachings of the technique is given through the interpretation of S.N. Goenka.

What most people do not realize that a Teaching can be delivered in Infinite Ways. So here we have a Teaching that is distributed and filtered through the mind of S.N. Goenka who was not the original creator of the technique. This is not to say that he taught poorly. In addition, because of a lack of experienced teachers it can be a course that is difficult to understand. Though there are assistant teachers at the course often they would often repeat exactly what Goenka had said. Being impersonal is good and bad depending on the level of understanding the teacher has of the technique.

When the teaching is unclear then the students will be unclear. Thus what usually happens at the end of the 10 days is that the students are still “clueless” as to what Vipassana is actually about. However with persistent practice or going to the course about 3-4 times the student perhaps then will begin to understand a bt what Vipassana really is about from their own experience. This is when the real teachings begins - when the students derive wisdom from their own experience

In saying this, many students who do not really understand what Vipassana is about usually come out of the course more englightened than before. Thus the course itself can be life-changing, because those 10 hours a days of introspection will at least allow one to develop insight into oneself.

Let us look at some points we can clarify about the technique so that the real teaching can begin quicker.

Path Of Creator

Vipassana In Relation To The Path Of Creator

As discussed, there are some gaps in the teachings that can be filled to help the student understand the teaching better. These holes will ultimately come from the lack of Knowledge we have about ourselves. It is by developing the Knowing Of The Self, of Knowing how our consciousness works and how Sufferings are created in the depths of the Mind that when we learn Vipassana we can get the most out of the experience and understand what is actually going on. We can't expect ourselves to suddenly learn to swim when thrown into the ocean - most people will simply waste their time drowning which is usually what happens with the practice. By at least learning the fundamentals first then we can learn the technique properly.

Difference between the Creator's Meditation and Vipassana

The technique of the Creator’s Meditation can be said to be the same as Vipassana.

The difference is in the way in which it is delivered.

The Creator’s Meditation is a 22 days course with a guided meditation lasting between 30 minutes - 1 hour. At the end there will also be a short discourse on how to apply what one has learnt in life so one can apply their knowledge in life. The course delivered by Goenka is a 10 day course of silence but at the end of the day there will be an hour video explanation and talk with the teacher if need to be.

Although 22 days can seem a bit long, but the short practice allows one to step into the water at a safe pace. The 22 days also allows for the missing information from the Vipassana course to be given in droplets so one can absorb the teachings more thoroughly. It is suggested that once the Creator's Meditation is given one can then go apply for a course in Vipassana so one at least have an inkling of what is going on as they meditate 10 hours a day.

However, if one has the courage one should apply for Vipassana straight away because it is rare to have an opportunity to spend 10 hours a day for 10 days with everything catered for.

1. Making Best Use Of Time

The reason why most people have not experienced great transformations in Vipassana is because there is a lack of intention to transform themselves.

The purpose of Vipassana is to overcome all negativities. Thus if one were to sit in their meditation sessions reacting negatively to the experience all the time and every day then basically no work will be done - One would simply be spending 10 days maintaining their Negative Habits. Usually this happens because 10 hours of meditation a day for a new practitioner can feel life-threatning. Thus to get the most out of Vipassana, one has to have a goal in mind which is to overcome all negativities by trying their best not to react negatively to all moments. So before going to a course, it is suggested that one develop Stillness and ground themselves.

2. High Energy

To get the most out of Vipassana will require a person to have a high level of energy. This is because the higher energy one has the easier one can remain awake and alert to the subtle sensations throughout the body. When one practices Vipassana in a fatigued, sick, confused state it will be impossible to pull oneself into an “equanimous” state when suffering is experienced. Most of the time one will be spending their energy to pull themselves up from falling asleep rather than transforming their Sufferings.

3. Completing The Practice With Life

The primary goal of Vipassana is not just about overcoming one’s Negativities within the practice, but it is about overcoming one’s Negativities after the practice and in every moment of our waking or sleeping life.

Thus one needs to be aware that life is the bigger practice. And because the Seed Cause of Suffering is not talked about and how to Transform it one simply lives their lives afterwards trying not to react to anything - which is a good start but may not be good enough as explained below.

4. Transforming The Sufferings

What is not taught in Vipassana is that to truly release ourselves from our Sufferings will require us to address the Seed Cause of our Sufferings. Most students think that if they simply meditate through their life then one will be liberated from their Sufferings because somehow the "Sankartas" will evaporate.

Realize that when we are overcoming negativities and trying to remain equanimous what we are only doing is to cut off the sending of the Negative Energies to the Negative Ideas which are the Seed Cause of our Sufferings.

But no matter how "skilled" we can become in doing this, without truly knowing why there was a Reaction in the first place we will react again and again - though the practice of Vipassana will allow us to react in a less intensity.

To truly address the Seed Cause we have to become aware of the Seed Cause - the Negative Ideas that has created our Sufferings. In short this is about transforming our negative beliefs. Once the negative beliefs are transformed then there won't even be a need to react.

In life we are given plenty of experiences which will allow us to transform the Beliefs we have which are causing us Suffering - i.e. the Negative Ideas.

Many of us have become liberated from their Sufferings not from meditation, but from using life experiences as Catalysts. For instance, a person can release their anger by going through certain life experiences which transform their beliefs. But with the practice of meditation this transformation can be reached in a shorter time.

Once the practitioner fully understands how the mind works then the catalytic potential of Vipassana or the Creator's Meditation can be used to its greatest extent. This is why this website and The Creator's Meditation was created.


Develop Experienced Knowledge
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The Creator's Meditation
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The full course of The Creator's Meditation requires 30-60 minutes of practice each day for 22 days. This will allow you to learn the fundamentals of the mind. This will also help those who wish to reap the most benefit out of the Vipassana course. However the recommendation here is that if one has the time, to simply apply for the Vipassana course first to develop experienced knowledge of the practice without judgement or any expectations then come back to the Creator's Meditation to fill in any gaps if one desires.

Courses On Vipassana

"The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. There are no charges for the courses - not even to cover the cost of food and accommodation. All expenses are met by donations from people who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the opportunity to also benefit."

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