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"What does a tree look like? Depends where you stand"


Defining Perspective

Perspective can be simply defined as a point of view.

Naturally, everyone will always have their perspective on things. For instance some people will say that chocolate ice cream is the best flavour in the whole world whilst others will say that banana ice cream is the best flavour.

The same thing will happen when the subject changes to Love. For instance, everyone will have different answers as to whether or not parents should hit their children as a means to teach them how to behave, or whether or not parents should control them, or whether or not the boss should be paying employees when they work overtime, or whether euthanasia should be allowed in hospitals, whether or not people should be taking vaccines, whether or not eating animals are ethical or not and the list can go on and on.

Which Perspective is Right?

Which Perspective is Wrong?

This article looks into the nature of Perspective and addresses the suffering states of mind associated with it.

Perspective In Depth

For us to understand what “Perspective” really is, let us start with the question.

“Why do perspectives exist in Creation?”

For instance, why can we not all have just One Perspective? So that means everyone will be right? Why is there a need for an Infinite number of Perspectives to exist?

The short answer to this is to expand infinitely the potential of refining the Knowing - and this allows us to refine the Knowing of whatever we are trying to study. Let us take the study of Love as an example. If there is only One Perspective of what Love is, then the Knowing of that Love will be flat and one-dimensional – thus not having much potential to grow in Knowing. By allowing many perspectives to exist of what Love is - and through introducing what Love is not - the Knowing of what love really is then is given the infinite potential to grow.

The observation of Love can be seen as much as observing the Tree. Although a tree is a tree, it will look different depending on where we stand.

For instance, when we observe the tree at a slanted angle, the tree may no longer look like a tree as we come to know, and when one stands up too close one will miss the tree and see too much of its body. Thus to really know what a Tree is will require one to look at it from all perspectives.

Thus it is from the experience of having different perspectives of the same thing that allows us to know love at all angles and further the knowing of Love towards infinity. On the journey one will realize that all perspectives are valid, and it is through the acceptance of each part that the greater truth can be seen.

Thus to develop the Knowing of Love requires the accumulation of different perspectives. The more the Knowing is developed the more refined the Love will become. Realize that when one is close minded to only a few perspectives and become attached to these ideas then one can lose sight of what is more important – which is to develop Acceptance rather than Rejection.

It is only when we open ourselves to all possibilities instead of rejecting ideas which we think is wrong, we learn to accept that all is a valid possibility. This is how we develop the Deeper Knowing of The Self - by being able to see the validity within all ideas - and this will help us to discover ones that may resonate with us, or ones that may help us refine the Ideas that we already have.

Truth is there to be refined

Path Of Creator

Perspective In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding that everything can be seen in different perspectives.

The journey is about embracing our perspective of experiences as much as we allow others to embrace their own versions of the same experience. Doing this will also greatly accelerate the journey of knowing what love really is.

We can also use our perspective to help others with their own journey. For example, one can express one’s own version of the same experience to allow others to see the same experience from a different point of view. This can be extremely useful when done out of unconditional love.

The destination is to gain a wider perspective of all things and share it with others. And as one develops the Knowing deeper and deeper one will begin to be able to see all things with an Universal Perspective. Once one can see all things from the perspective of the Universe then all the secrets to Creation will become clear.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To understand how differently other people may view the same experience differently, simply develop a natural curiosity of asking people what their view on the same experience or ask them for their advice when you are faced with a problem to see if they have better solutions to the problem.

The Creator's Meditation
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When you meditate, always focus on “your own version of the experience,” i.e. to simply observe your physical sensations within your meditation practice rather than to imagine what “it should be.” A helpful advice is to simply put what you heard from other people’s meditation experience aside so that the mental analysis and comparison can cease.

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