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Defining Sleep

If there is one thing that most of us are lacking these days it is adequate rest and quality sleep.

Throughout the day, it is very easy for our energy to be depleted from all the physical work and thinking we do. We often take our body and mind for granted not realizing the importance of balancing our active lifestyle with adequate rest. Some of us may even think that as long as we throw ourselves in bed at the end of the day we will be able to wake up the next morning recharged and refreshed.

But will it?

And how much sleep do we really need for physical and mental recovery?

This article will look into addressing these questions

Sleep In Depth

How much should we sleep?

The generally accepted idea is that we should sleep between 7-8 hours a day.

But realize that this prescription is for people on average.

As everyone is unique, some would need more whilst some would need less.

Thus to truly find what suits one best will require one to develop the Knowing of The Self and this is done by working it out form actual experience – i.e. Developing the awareness of one’s energy levels so that one can know whether or not one is sleeping too much or too little.

However, most of us would find it hard to develop this awareness especially in relation to sleep because some of the habit patterns we have developed in relation to sleep. For instance we can have a habit of sleeping in more than we need and this can create the illusion that one’s physically tired when woken up.

Quality Sleep

A short sleep of good quality will always be better than a long sleep which is of bad quality.

And what defines a quality sleep?

A quality sleep can be defined by how many times we wake up, and how Still our Mind is throughout the sleep. Improving the latter wil improve the former.

And how can we improve the state of Stillness when we sleep?

Realize that the State of Stillness of our Mind when we sleep will always come back to the quality of the state of mind that we carry with us throughout the day.

It is very important to Know this because without this knowledge, one would not know that to truly address one’s sleeping patterns requires one to address one's mental state throughout the day.

You see, the way in which one lives will always affect the quality of one's sleep. For instance, if we lives in a lifestyle that is full of pressure, then we will sleep with a pressured mind. If we went through a day full of anger, then we will sleep with the anger. And likewise if we are constantly filling our mind with stimulating things or stress throughout the day, then it will take a longer time for the mind to unwind and get into a state of deep sleep at the end of the day.

It is only when one has gone throughout the day in a peaceful way, that one can enjoy peaceful sleep.

Thus If we live with the wisdom of not overworking our minds and body by learning to take enough rests then the quality of our sleep will improve, and likewise if the quality of our sleep is good, the quality of our days will improve. This is how we can create a healthy cycle of living.


Importance Of Addressing Sleep

The quality of sleep can affect our levels of awareness / focus / energy throughout the day. When we lack sleep, it can make us “edgy” - making us prone to anger and depression.

Realize that sleep is also the opportunity for the mind to “unwind” and subconsciously process / let go / all the stress and frustrations that we have accumulated throughout the day. Sleep thus can be said to be a “reset” button which allows oneself to begin the day again “refreshed.”

At a deeper level, Sleep also allows for the communication to happen between the Deeper Self and the Surface Self. Thus sleeping is an important time for the communion with the Soul to happen. When one carries too much surface thoughts into one’s sleep then the communication can be blocked because The Self will not be able to perceive the deeper messages within.

Path Of Creator

Sleep In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path Of Creator is about creating greater happiness.

The quality of sleep we have every day can affect our happiness in more ways than we can imagine.

The journey begins with understanding the effect of sleep has upon us so that one can develop the natural intention to address / improve it.

The journey is about knowing our sleeping patterns and addressing them so we can find the best method for us – rather than following what is advised by the mainstream.

It is a journey of not only addressing our sleeping patterns but also the way we live our lives. The destination is to live as well as we sleep, and sleep as well as we live.

The Knowing that will be developed will be the Knowing of the correlation between the way in which we use our Minds throughout the day and the quality of our sleep - i.e. how they affect each other

For example, a stressed mind will create a stressful sleeping pattern. Although we may seem calm from the outside when we sleep, but when we sleep with a stressed mind, deep within the mind will be in the process of going through all the frustrations that we have picked up throughout the day. Realize that when the mind is in such a state the mind is not really resting!

The deeper Knowing that one will develop will be the Knowing that The Seed Cause of bad sleep will always recede back to some form of Sufferings because Sufferings are what creates a stressed mind.

And what sort of Suffering can we pickup throughout the day?

We can experience suffering when someone at work said something to make us angry.

We can experience suffering when we encounter some sort of fear throughout the day.

We are suffering when we experience impatience, frustration, judgement and so forth.

Although in those moments of Suffering the experience may seem to last for just a moment on the outside but what we do not realize is that any sufferings we go through will always be lodged in the deeper mind until they are resolved. That is why when we have a problem that we can’t solve, the problem will keep bothering us until it meets some sort of resolution.

Realize that when the Mind is absoloutely Still, then 3-4 hours of deep sleep is in fact enough for an individual who lives a peaceful life. But it is hard to reach this state of mind in a society which is always pushing us to use our mind. But this is just an example of how little sleep one would need if one is able to get deep sleep.

Generally, as one works on their Sufferings, they will begin to experience a peacefulness in the Mind throughout the day and this will naturally improve the quality of one's sleep.

Sleeping Late

It can be difficult to get good deep quality sleep later during the night. Because usually the reasons as to why some people sleep late is because one is searching for some sort of stimulation - something exciting to do before they goto bed. And what happens when a person does this is that the more one excites one’s mind, the longer it will take for the mind to consciously and subconsciously wind down.

The best time to sleep will always be between 9-10pm. There will be individuals whose creative energy will peak around this time so there will be those who will find it difficult to sleep early. Recommendation for these types of people will be to apply grounding practices in life.

Sleeping More Than Necessary Will Create More Fatigue

It is easy to wake up and feel tired.

And as a result one can end up trying to sleep more to compensate for the fatigue. And this can create a more fatigued mind because in the attempt of trying to sleep again the mind can begin to wander - especially if the body does not need anymore sleep.

Realize that most of the time when we want to sleep more when we wake up is not due to our body wanting more sleep, but rather it comes from the habit pattern that we have created for ourselves from always sleeping more and lazing around in bed.

If one can manage just a few times of just waking up straight away without trying to go back to sleep, this habit pattern will be easily reversed. But this is much easier said than done because of the illusion of fatigue that the mind can create when we wake up.

Develop the Knowing of The Self so you can Know whether or not the desire to sleep more comes from an actual lack of sleep or whether it comes from your habit patterns. And this Knowing is developed by simply waking up straight away after one has woken up and assessing one’s energy levels later on.

What we will eventually realize is that our belief / habit patterns can play quite a big role in convincing us that we need more sleep when we actually don’t. And most of the time the reason why we want more sleep is because we are “craving” for the feeling that sleep gives us. I.e. the body sensation of sleeping can be overwhelmingly pleasant and nice - it is easy to develop cravings / addiction towards this sensation.

One thing to get out of the craving pattern is to simply maintain a state of Stillness within the mind each time one wakes up - aiming for equanimity and creating the intention of letting go of the desires for craving sensations. When one does this one will immediately find that the feeling of fatigue wilkl start to fade away.

As a side note, it is quite natural to feel a lack of energy when we wake up because when we wake up, our body is waking up also from a resting state.

But when you get out of bed this will signal the body to turn on and the perception that you are tired and you need more sleep will disappear.

Waking Up Earlier actually Gives You More Energy

Try waking up earlier in the morning for instance 3am or 4am or 5am to experience the different states of the mind throughout the day. What you will realize is that the Mind will usually be more alert throughout the day when we wake up early because what happens when we sleep too much is that our minds can wander which can be quite draining.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When you sleep, the best state of mind is to be in a state of control and awareness. This is because when you lack control and awareness, your mind will wander and this is what will prevent you from falling in sleep.

The general rule is to become 90% aware of body and always be determined to do so.

Observe for any physical sensations with a calm mind with the intention of letting go of any pleasant sensations and observe unpleasant sensations with Stillness. Maintain a state of Stillness at all times by declaring the intention of not wanting wandering thoughts.

At first, you may feel that it is impossible to fall asleep when you are in a state of full-awareness. But within time you will gradually realize that you can actually sleep in such a state.

And when you wake up


“I’m determined that I’m not going back to sleep” with the intention to let go of the craving for the pleasant sensations of sleeping again.

The Creator's Meditation
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When you experience a pleasant sensation in your meditation, instead of craving and becoming attached to it simply observe it as is with the intention to let go with a Still Mind. Doing this will help you to develop enough will power to overcome the craving for pleasant sensations of sleeping more when you wake up.

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