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"Expanding the Potential to Be"


Defining Potentiation

We all know that the word for creating strength is to become "Stronger."
We all know that the word for creating health is to become "Healthier."
But as one searches a word to describe the improvement of the Spirit/Of the Soul/Of the Consciousness/Of the Self one will find it difficult to find a suitable word.

The word Potentiation is perhaps the best word to use in this scenario.

Because when The Self Improves at all levels i.e. becoming happier mentally, becoming healthier physically, becoming more Knowing and so forth, The Self is in fact expanding its Potential of Being, i.e. To Be, to Love, to Express, to Create and so forth.

Potentiation thus can be said to be about Improving The Self at all Levels.

Potentiation In Depth

In life, we will all go through all types of experiences.

There will be experiences which will bring us to the peak of Happiness and there will be experiences which will pull us down to the bottomless pit of Sadness. And throughout the experiences we go through in life there will always be also those "Golden" experiences which can help us grow and transform us to become Happier than our Past Selves, i.e. experiences which has helped us to become a "Better" person, experiences which has helped us to become more "mature."

Thus in life there will always be experiences waiting for us to go through so that we can Potentiate The Self even more.

So where can we find The Golden Experiences?

The focus here is not in finding the Golden Experiences.
But rather in how to make every experience we go through life a Golden Experience so that we can greatly Potentiate The Self.

Potentiation thus is about developing and using one's Wisdom/Insight to Catalyze each experience so that we can get the most out of it - which brings us to the Path Of Creator.

Path Of Creator

Potentiation In Relation To The Path Of Creator

What we will find in all of the "Golden Moments" in which we have "matured," "grown," "Potentiated" in life is a common theme - these experiences would have been experiences which have helped us to develop a clearer Knowing of our Sufferings and took us on a journey into Transforming and Releasing them.

I.e. as we look back at those "Golden Moments" what we will realize that in all those moments we were all addressing some form of Suffering,
I.e. perhaps it was a time in our life is when we released our fears of pursuing our dreams and abandoned our mundane jobs,
I.e. perhaps it was when we realized that there is no need for us to waste time being angry with each other as life is short,
I.e. perhaps it was when we realized that we deserve Happiness rather than Suffering.

Thus the process of Potentiation will always involve the Transformation and Release of our Suffering.

Thus potentiation can be said to be the process of transforming and releasing our Sufferings, because through the process we are actually Expanding our Potential to Be. It is exactly that process which allows us to become happier than the day before.

So when we Transform and Release our Sufferings we are Potentiating The Self at all levels. This is because all the levels of The Self although can seem disparate when we look at it from the Outer Linear World, but when we look at it from the perspective of the Consciousness what we will realize is that the Physical Self/Emotional Self/Mental Self/Intuitive Self/Soul Self/Spirit Self/Consciousness and so forth are all One - Thus when we potentiate The Self by transforming the Negative Ideas Within, all the Sufferings from all levels will dissipate - all levels of The Self will be potentiated.

To Potentiate the Self at all levels thus is truly a Great Work that is why no doubt it will take a degree of effort/patience/trust.

Addressing The Sufferings

The Path Of Creator is very different from the way in which most of us address Sufferings in our lives.

It can be easy to handle a health symptom with a pill from the doctors.
It can be easy to handle anger issues with hypnosis or some sort of distraction techniques.
It can easy to handle depression by doing distracting things which excite the mind.

But when we do not address the deeper Cause of our Sufferings directly i.e. through questioning and discovering the answers as to why the symptom was there in the first place, of why the anger is there in the first place, of why the depression is there in the first place, and then addressing it, the Sufferings will come back again and again to haunt us.

That is why the importance of developing the Knowing of The Self is emphasized again and again on The Path Of Creator.

The Path Of Creator is about developing the Knowing of The Self.
It is about seeing that each experiences in life are golden opportunities for us to Know more and more about Ourselves and of our Sufferings.
And through exploring the Catalysts on this website you will be able to find ways to turn all experiences you face in life as golden moments so that you can use them to catalyze your own Self-Transformation.

Potentiate The Self.
To Create Everlasting Happiness Within.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Realize that all experiences can be used wisely to catalyze the transformation of all forms of Sufferings. Thus if you are keen to address your Sufferings you can simply ask the question "How can I use this experience to the best of my advantage" within your experiences.

I.e. you can work on your fears of the missing the bus by walking to the bus stop slowly
I.e. you can work on your stillness by listening less to music and being more present as you walk on the street.

The possibilities of transforming experiences into Golden Experiences are endless.

The Creator's Meditation
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Realize that when you meditate you are in fact creating a Golden Moments of Experiences. Often when we sit there our mind will be quick to find Negative Things about the practice i.e. boredom and the amount of work that is waiting for us to be done in the world. And no doubt numerous wandering thoughts will come and try to drag you away from your state of Stillness. But realize that you too also can find the positive sides to the practice by realizing that in that very moment of Meditation you are in fact Potentiating The Self by developing the Knowing Of The Self in various ways.

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