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"Doubt creates the Path towards Suffering. Trust creates the Path towards Happiness"


Defining Trust

Trust can be defined as the belief that everything will be alright.

The opposite of Trust is Doubt.

This article will look at ways we can develop Trust and use it to accelerate our journey in Transforming our Negative States of the Mind.

Trust In Depth

Trust can be directed in three ways.

1. Towards Ourselves.

For example, we can trust ourselves in our own beliefs. We can trust in the decisions that we make in life.

2. The Trust towards Other Selves

For example, we can trust other people with our secrets in the hopes that they would not tell others. We can trust others when we lend them our cars to drive in the hopes that they will take good care of it.

3. The Trust towards the Universal Self

For example, we can trust the world that we will be fine in the future.

We can trust the world when we make big decisions such as starting a new restaurant in the belief that enough customers will come to support us.

We can trust the Universe that we are following the right Paths in life.


Importance Of Trust

It is important to address any issues concerning Trust.

When we lack trust in ourselves we can experience fear in making decisions.

When we lack trust in other people we can close ourselves from developing deeper relationships with people.

When we lack trust in the greater Universe we can block ourselves from going towards new experiences that the Universe is offering to us.

It is by developing the Trust inwards that we can see ourselves with more and more clarity because without the Trust in ourselves, in our beliefs and opinions, in our ideas of living, in pursuing what we like and what we don’t like, we can easily lose ourselves and live a life which is accepted as the “norm” and thus living as "someone else. "

It is by developing the Trust inwards and also outwards that we can develop the Knowing of who we really are and what we really want. The latter is also important because without such Trust, it can be difficult to take the steps to address our desires and re-evaluate/refine them thruough the actual experience of having pursued them.

An excessive of Trust outwards and Inwards can also create distortions in what is real and what is not. For instance, an excess of Trust inwards can make one over-estimate one’s own abilities and an excess of Trust outwards can lead one to make unwise decisions.

It is only when the direction of Trust is developed and balanced through wisdom that one can live and see all things with clarity.

Path Of Creator

Trust In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Here we look at the ways in which we can address the issues of Trust to develop Greater Happiness in life.

Let us look at this from the perspective of the deeper mind.

We usually can only trust someone if we believe that they will act out of our best interest.

But to the deeper mind, Trust is a State rather than an Action.

Thus when we trust someone, it is not so much about the physical action of telling them about our secrets, but rather it is about having the state that everything will be alright if we do make the decision to tell them about our secrets. And whether or not that person will tell in the future is really outside of our control.

Now having realized that Trust is a state, let us look deeper to the Seed Cause of a lack of this state.

As the Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas, let us look at what kind of Negative Ideas in particular are more closely connected with the issues of Trust.

At The Idea Level

The issues of Trust will always recede back to the lack of Self-Acceptance towards oneself and other selves. The form of Self-Acceptance here is best understood as "support" i.e. the lack of support for oneself and others when one fails or when others fail.

This can be represented as a Negative Idea paraphrased by the following declaration

"It is not ok to Fail/to be Wrong"

Because The Self cannot accept The Self when it fails, the questions of Trust will surface in the mind.

Thus the spiritual lessons that we will all go through will involve the themes of Acceptance.

Realize that whether or not you can trust someone will always depend on how much you can accept of any possible outcome i.e. if you can accept yourself if you made the wrong decision of trusting someone or if you can accept the other person if they break your trust.

So hypothetically, if you can accept any possible outcome then you can easily trust everyone because it simply would not bother you whether or not they share with others your secrets or whether or not they betray you.

So Trust is not so much about making the "right decisions" because we can never know how anything will play out for sure. It is about whether you made a decision out of a state of trust or a decisions out of the state of fear. And as time goes you will gradually develop the wisdom of knowing who to trust and who to not trust.

Generally as we work on transforming and releasing our Sufferings in particular our fears and negative judgements towards ourselves and others the issues of Trust will naturally resolve itself.

The journey is catalyzed when one simply “tries” to trust. Because through that decision one will either end up with a desired outcome or an undesired outcome. And both are beneficial for the maturity of the soul because if the outcome is a desired one then that will help one to develop Trust. And if the outcome is undesired, then that will open The Self up to all sorts of Negativities which are actually opportunities for the Self to develop Self-Acceptance, i.e. forgiveness and compassion and letting go. And along the way also develop wisdom of Knowing how to make a decision next time.

Just Do It

Thus if one wants to learn more about Trust one will require a lot of courage.

Because it is through trust that we can accelerate the learning about trust.

The fears of trust are brought out to its full extent when we simply trust without expectations for the possible outcomes. This perhaps is one of the more challenging catalysts.

It is by challenging our fears that we can distil the wisdom out of the experiences that we go through which will allow us to transform our fears.

Also, the state of trust is much better than the state of doubt because the latter state will create more chances of failing. So trying our best to trust even when we feel as if we will fail will be more helpful.

Likewise, instead of doubting the results of a medical procedure, an exam, a job interview we just had, simply trust that everything will be alright. This is much a better state to be in and we will naturally come to this realization when we continue to see that worrying will never change any outcome but to create even more miseries inside.

Balancing The Trust

When we develop Trust, it is important to balance the direction of Trust.

For instance, when do work to trust in others, we have to trust ourselves at the same time and vice versa. So instead of just trusting in other people’s feelings and opinions about a subject, we have to at the same develop the trust in our own feelings and opinions. Otherwise the balance of Trust will become unbalanced.

Who to Trust?

This is one of the challenges that one will face on their journey of developing Trust.

The Confusion/Imbalance of Trust are usually created by our fears, i.e. of doubting ourselves or of doubting others. So naturally as we work on our fears the issues of balance will be naturally resolved. Remember to focus on addressing the state of Trust rather than the action of Trust (i.e. the focus is not so much on what you do on the outside, but rather it is to address the Negative State experienced when there is a lack of Trust).


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To develop the experienced Knowledge of any Trust issues that you may have you can simply observe just how much “doubt” you have whenever you make a decision.

You can observe this by seeing how much fear/worry you have, to see whether or not you will imagine everything going wrong in the moments of making a decision.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

To develop Trust in the meditation session, you can simply set a time for the length of the practice.

This is because when you set a time your mind will start to doubt whether or not you can survive throughout the meditation session and as a result a lot of themes to do with trust will begin to surface.

To develop Trust in such a scenario is to simply remain calm and Trust that everything will be alright, to trust that you will be able to overcome all pains and negativities you are experiencing in that moment and that you are able to complete the meditation session without fail.

How do we do this?

To simply observe the body journey with a Still Mind.

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