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Holy Temple Technique

"The Mind Is A Holy Temple"


Defining Holy Temple Technique

The more thoughts there are in the Mind, the more stress/chaos/agitation there will be for you. Your Mind thus is a Holy Temple where you want to keep unwanted visitors (Unnecessary thoughts) out.

However, it is hard to stop the wandering thoughts in the mind especially when we are plagued with worries / anger / negativities etc.

And often when we try to instruct the mind to calm down it will not work, especially if we have a habit of dwelling on our thoughts. Thus going against the mind will often prove futile, however, there is a way to convince and persuade the mind to calm down through powerful declarations from within - this is the Holy Temple Technique.

This technique takes only a few minutes to learn and apply in life and is suitable for those who don't have time to do meditation but needs to quickly calm their mind to focus on what they are doing or simply for instant relief. It's a great technique to use before bedtime as well.

Holy Temple Technique Practice

Use the Holy Declarations below to keep peace within the Holy Temple

When you make the declarations, say it out in your mind whilst keeping your awareness on the physical sensation of the flow of breath coming in and coming out within your nostrils.

Take some time to remember each sentences so that when you close your eyes you can Declare it effortleslly. Declare them with the intention to instruct your mind with what is being said.

When it's A. = Breath In
When it's B. = Breath out

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A. I Welcome Peace
B. I welcome Happiness,

A. No talking to people inside.
B. Talking is to be done outside,

A. No working inside.
B. Working is to be done outside,

A. No solving problems inside.
B. Solving is to be done outside,

A. I am
B. Full of peace

A. I am
B. Full of happiness

A. I am
B. The Holy Temple

Then observe and enjoy the Holy Silence for a few moments before opening your eyes.


To clarify, no talking to people inside means the cessation of talking to people from your imagination - for instance after an argument we can find ourselves in arguing with people in our imagination.

Path Of Creator

Holy Temple Technique In Relation To The Path Of Creator

In the beginning when we try to give instructions to the Mind it can be difficult for the Mind to follow our instructions. This is because 90% of the time we are actually following the mind rather than instructing it to follow us. A a result, The Mind simply prefers to follow its old habit patterns. That is why "To be done outside" is added so that the Mind would accept the instructions with less resistance.

The Holy Temple Technique is a fast and simple way to instruct our mind to not wander. The more we instruct our mind to do what we wish the more we are developing mastery over the mind. Mastery over the mind is important because it is only after we develop power over the mind that we can call upon forth Stillness and develop greater Knowing of The Self.

You can use the Holy Temple Technique when you wake up and this will help to instruct the Mind how to behave throughout the day.

You can also use the Holy Temple Technique when you need instant moments of clarity when your mind is in chaos. For instance, before giving a speech or a performance and so forth.

You can also use the Holy Temple Technique before bedtime. You can apply the Holy Temple Technique every 5 minutes to bring deeper level of calmness to the mind.

You can add more declarations to help guard your holy temple if you know the common themes to your wandering thoughts.

If you are a musician and like to think about music a lot you can add
"A. No making music inside.
B. Music Making is to be done outside.

If you like to teach people things
"A. No teaching inside.
B. Teaching is to be done outside.

If you wish to go into the state of Stillness deeper you can learn the 5 Present Breaths Meditation. This is a meditation technique which will take you deep into the Present Moment through the natural use of the breath rather than using declarations.


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