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5 Present Breaths

"Become Aware Of The Present Moment"

Course Description

The 5 Present Breaths is a guided meditation I have created to take you to develop and experience a state of mind known as The Present Moment. - The state of Stillness. So by the end of the meditation you will have at least an understanding at the experiential level of what the Present Moment really feels like.

Why do we want to be in the Present Moment?

When the mind is Present, it is in a state of Stillness and Awareness. This is a powerful state of mind through which insight and enlightenment is naturally born. To address our Suffering States of the Mind we need to first become aware of how our mind works. Not only during our meditation sessions, but also in every passing moment of the life.

This is how we accelerate the Knowing of The Self.

However even knowing that the Present Moment is the most beneficial moment to be in, one will experience difficulty in being Present because of the wandering thoughts in the mind always pulling us away into the past or the future.

That is why the only way to be in the Present Moment is to address these wandering thoughts. Through the practice of the 5 Present Breaths the mind will be dragged to the Present moment deeper and deeper with each breath. And as we begin to experience the peacefulness of the present moment, one will begin to encounter the wandering thoughts surfacing to drag one away from the Present moment.

This is the practice of uncovering our wandering thoughts. Through the practice one will be able to develop the ability to simply be Still and Observe these wandering thoughts as they come and go - allowing one to develop the Knowing of why they are there and ultimately knowing how to address it.

The 5 Present Breaths forms the heart of the Creator's Meditation. If you wish to experience a higher form of awareness then you can take the Creator's Meditation Course as the 5 Present Breaths is taught in Day1.

Five Present Breaths

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