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"Our Vulnerability lies Behind The Masks That We Wear"


Defining Vulnerability

We will all experience vulnerability at some point in our life, the state where we feel alone and powerless as if there are no one there to support us.

The experience of vulnerability usually happens in times when we are rejected by people, or a situation that has made us reject ourselves, i.e. a business failure, a performance failure and so forth.

Vulnerability In Depth

When we lack love towards ourselves we will tend to fill the emptiness by reaching out for love from others.

From a spiritual perspective, the lack of love we have towards ourselves points to the weaknesses that we have to work on. This is the Greater Work - to strengthen what we are weak in.

When we cry, when we are angry, when we are unhappy, these are all signs that that we need to fill the lack of love from within. These are the “vulnerable sides” of The Self which needs to be strengthened.

But instead of strengthening them, usually we would try not to see this “ugly” side or let other people see it.

However, there are some of us who are not afraid to show vulnerability, and those who are not afraid will progress on the path quicker. Because when one is able to express one's emotions without hesitation one will be able to build a closer relationship to one's own thoughts and emotions. To strengthen a weakness will always requires one to first accept and embrace it so that it is “there.”

However, there will be some people who will need greater strength to show the vulnerable side of themelves, to show their negative side, to show the true self that is smiling upside down. Honesty is the quickest way to restablish the connection with one's inner world. If one wishes to build a relationship of honesty within one's inner world then one can learn to show their vulnerable sides outwards.


Importance Of Addressing Vulnerability

When we fear about showing our vulnerable sides it can create suffering states of the mind. For instance we can become angry at someone when they unveil the mask we carry to hide our vulnerability. We may even be angry at ourselves when we get into an embarrassing situation where our negative reactions are put on display for the world to see.

It can also make us dishonest with ourselves. For instance, when we fear being vulnerable we may act invulnerable. Thus we can create a persona where we appear to be highly confident and play that role for the rest of our life. Conversely we may even come to the belief that we are “Invulnerable” even though our Reactions say otherwise. The more we bury ourselves deeper in the masks we wear the more effort it will take us to unveil and accept our true self – the vulnerable face that is behind those masks.

Wearing masks instead of being honest with ourselves can make us act out of the Ideas of who we should be rather than who we really are. As a result our Life Path and Creativity can become clichéd and limited in potential.

Without addressing our weakness, the weakness will always be there.

Path Of Creator

Vulnerability In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding that there is nothing wrong with hiding one's vulnerability, but there is also nothing wrong with showing one's vulnerability.

The journey is more about developing honesty, to accept the parts of the self that is vulnerability. And this is done through developing the knowing of oneself through observing one's inner reactions rather than the Ideas of what one should be.

The Path is accelerated as one learns to show one's vulnerable side for the world to see because through the attempt of doing so one will find the resistances, the fears within oneself that prevents one from doing so. Thus it is through such that we can uncover deeper fears and issues that are waiting to be addressed.

The destination is towards being The Self as is.

At The Idea Level Let us look at some Negative Ideas which can contribute to the state of Vulnerability.

A Possible Negative Mental Declaration
"It is not ok to be weak/vulnerable"
--->I reject myself and others when I am/they are weak/vulnerable
= There will be fear when I appear weak/vulnerable because it is not ok.

For the mind which carries the negative declaration, the person will tend to fear showing the vulnerable side of oneself. The Self which has become attached to such Negative Idea can also reject other people who are vulnerable because the trait of being "vulnerable" is undesirable. So there can be a tendancy for the person to be always acting strong and courageous out of the fear that other people would judge him/her in the same way.

The transition towards the positive declaration progresses with the kind of experiences which will make the Self realize that it is ok to be vulnerable. Bring around other selves who are not afraid to hide their vulnerability and are honest with expressing their raw thoughts and reactions will greatly assist one in their journey of Self-Transformation. Because by observing that these other selves have friends and are loved by other people will help one to release their own negative ideas about vulnerability.

To accelerate the journey one can simply try to be more honest with one's own true feelings and thoughts and practice Self-Acceptance and forgiveness towards others when they are also doing the same thing.

Thus it will bea journey of developing Two-Way Acceptance.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Simply try to express yourself honestly in your conversations with people and observe the inner resistance that surfaces to develop the Knowing as to why the negativities are there.

The Creator's Meditation
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When you meditate you are actually experiencing the reactions happening inside yourself at its rawest state. Sometimes it can be a painful experience especially when the Negative Ideas surfaces but by simply Accepting them, not trying to diminish or exaggerating it, we are accepting that vulnerable side of ourselves. And what one will observe that through Acceptance, rather than reacting to the reactions, the pain will slowly disappear.

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