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"We are attracted to what we believe is attractive"


Defining Attraction

In life, we perhaps all once carried the belief that everyone is attracted to what we are attracted to. For instance having the thought that everyone would certainly like the same flavored icecream that we like.

But as we accumulate experiences in life we will slowly realize that everyone is in fact attracted to different things. For instance, some people may love coconut flavored ice creams but some people may absolutely hate it, some people like Mitsubishi whilst some people may prefer Toyota instead, some people may like hip hop whilst some people prefer heavy metal.

Thus throughout life time will ultimately reveal to us the truth that everyone has their own unique tastes and preferences.

And this will also apply to physical preferences - what we consider to be beautiful or ugly. And also to Mental and Emotional preferences - what we consider to be a desirable trait and so forth.

Very few of us would question as to why the attraction to a particular thing is there. Most of us will often simply accept that our preferences for things are just a part of who we are so we accept it without questioning,

“Why do I like this and not that?”

“Why do I like people with certain appearance/features?”

This article will address these questions through revealing the Causes of Attraction which happens in the deeper mind.

Attraction In Depth

Mirror Mirror

Why are we attracted to a particular person?

Attraction is caused by the Ideas we have about The Self.

For instance, the Cause for us to be attracted to a particular appearance can be found through looking at the ideas generated in the mind when one looks at a certain appearance.

For instance, every time we look at a certain feature of a person’s face i.e. the sharp edges of one's face, the roundedness of one's eyes, the harshness of one's skin tone or the quality of tone from one's speech, it will generate ideas within.

So when we are attracted to something, we are in fact attracted to the ideas generated within.

How much we are attracted to something thus will be dependent on how much we accept these Ideas. And how much we repulsed by something will be dependent on how much we reject these ideas.

Deeper still, what we accept about other selves will always be an idea that we accept about ourselves, thus when we are attracted to someone we are in fact attracted to someone who represent the Part of ourselves that we Accept, or The Self that we lack and wish to have.

Attraction works the same way with objects.

For instance when we see things such as cars, mobile phones, cats, dogs these will all be perceived by the deeper mind in the same way when we see people that are around us – all having different personalities.

For instance a Garfield cat can represent the idea of laziness, a curved design of a phone can represent "smartness" and so forth.

Thus whatever we find attractive in life whether it is a person or a thing will often represent the Ideas or Personalities of people that we can accept or not accept. (Personalities here are defined as the ideas we carry about The Self.)

Thus again the ideas of what we accept and what we do not accept about ourselves will always determine the level of attraction we have towards the objects around us as well. Thus it is not so much a coincidence that sometimes we will find that people usually own pets such as dogs which resemble very much like them.

Attraction at different levels

Our attractions towards things are also influenced by many factors.

Realize that there are forces of attractions operating at different levels.

When we are only aware of our Surface Selves, we will only be aware of being attracted to someone by Appearance alone.

When we are aware of our Deeper Selves, we will become aware of the forces of attraction at the level of the mind and emotions. And these can be heavily influenced by the Social Media/Social Expectations and Ideas of what is Beautiful/Trendy/Fashionable or not.

And when we become even aware of the deeper attractions at the level of the soul / heart / intuition, we will become aware of the attraction towards certain spiritual lessons required of us to go through in life for the divine purpose of developing greater happiness.

Thus the deeper one is aware of the different levels of themselves, the more one will become aware of whether or not they are attracted to a person, object, activity, life experiences etc. and with time develop the knowing of why they are attracted.

Path Of Creator

Attraction In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with the realization that when we are attracted to something we are actually attracted to the Ideas about The Self.

The journey is about becoming aware of the various ways in which the forces attraction can be created in the consciousness. A big part of the journey is in developing the Knowing of the Causes as to why we can only Accept some Ideas whilst and why we Reject others.

Developing this Knowing will help you to catalyze the transformation of Negative Ideas.

As the eventual Goal of the Path is in developing Greater Happiness in our lives, it will involve developing the Acceptance Of The Self through the Transformation of Negative Ideas. This is because Negative Ideas can drive us to “hate” and “reject” all that is around us - making them seem "unattractive".

Thus throughout the journey what one will discover is that as one transforms their Negative Ideas into Potentiated Ideas, all objects and people will become to appear more and more “attractive.”

The destination is towards the beautification of our Inner World - and in turn the Outer World will naturally be beautified.

Below are some articles which looks at some of the ways we can use the forces of Attraction to Catalyze our journey.

Suffering Relationships

When we look at the Cause as to why we are always in Suffering Relationships, what we will find that the Deeper Cause will always come from our desires for Suffering Relationships. Often such a desire is hidden from our view as it is from a deeper/darker part of the Mind. What often creates such a desire is the belief that we deserve “suffering” and the belief that we are not entitled to greater Happiness.

In terms of physical attraction, what happens in the mind when we have desire for Suffering Relationships is that we will become attracted to physical features which will guarantee such an outcome.

This is not to suggest that there are “Universal Features” that will guarantee Suffering Relationships. What the Deeper Mind is doing is choosing Physical Features which will represent certain personalities that will make one feel "unloved." Thus wveryone's perception in this regards will be different. I.e. a person who looks angrily will not necessarily bring out suffering in an individual who is not upset by such personalities. It will only affect and bring out a great deal of suffering in an individual who cannot accept such a trait.

Attraction To The Deeper Lessons

The more we develop the awareness of The Self the more we will become aware of the deeper Forces of Attraction operating within especially in the realms of the Heart / Intuition.

Following this attractive force will take us to go through the deeper spiritual lessons in life.

For instance, we may meet someone and experience a great force of attraction resonating through our being. When this feeling comes, it is easy to come to the belief that this person is the "right" one and that we it is “destiny” for us to marry them or sleep with them.

But gradually as we accumulate wisdom we will realize that the reason why our soul is attracted to someone is because being with them will bring out our Deeper Lessons whether directly or indirectly - which will allow us to uncover our deepest Sufferings. That is because the deeper Attractions can often come from our Deeper Self/Soul and the Soul is always attracted to experiences which will help bring out the darkness within into light. Thus the attractive force is not necessarily telling us to go into bed with someone we are deeply attract to but rather it is simply drawing us towards the person so that we can better see ourselves - especially the part of ourselves that we do not yet know.

Usually such a relationship can create intense experiences of love and suffering. Thus discretion must be used here in terms of how deep you wish to penetrate the relationship, i.e. by becoming a partner or by simply being a friend. When we dive into a lesson too deeply we can easily drown in confusion and suffering and miss out on seeing clearly what the lessons are actually about. Thus caution here is advised to take it step by step.

Attraction can be created through love or fear.

The Forces of Love and Fear can drive the forces of Attraction operating from within.

For instance, we can be attracted towards someone who is always complimenting us because we love being praised. Or we can be attracted towards them because we fear being judged.

The awareness to develop here is that our Sufferings can drive us to become attracted to things outside of us. And when the forces of attraction are driven in this way it can push us down an unhealthy/destructive/limiting path.

I.e. Becoming attracted to relationships out of loneliness.

I.e. Becoming attached to safe jobs because of our fears of security. And so forth

Realize that our fears are representations of the lack of love and compassion for The Self. For instance, our fears of judgement, our fears of failing, our fears of commitment are there because of the lack of support, the lack of trust, the lack of patience and acceptance we have from within. Thus when we reach outwards in the hopes that someone else will make us happy and release our unhappiness, fill our lack of abilities with their abilities, remove our loneliness with their presence and love us when we cannot love ourselves, such alleviation of our Sufferings will only be temporary for as long as they are around and capable of doing so.

Becoming reliant on Other Selves to compliment our weaknesses can also make us become attached towards them. This reliance may not be so bad if one needs support whilst working on oneself but it can create stress and burden for the other self if one is simply being dependent and not doing any work on themselves.

If The Selves can aid each other into transforming and releasing each other's fears and attachments, then the relationship can be highly beneficial from a spiritual perspective. There is no faster way to reach a destination than when two people row a boat towards the same destination.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Whenever you are attracted to something, you can ask yourself the following question to develop Deeper Knowing.

"What is the attraction like at the physical level, the emotional level, the mental level, the intuitive level?"

The Creator's Meditation
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When you find yourself strongly attracted to something to the point of craving it I.e. to a beautiful person, having a desire to buy a particular object, to starting a business plan and so forth, simply meditate and allow the Mind to recede into Stillness.

What you will realize is that once the Mind recede into Stillness, the forces of attraction will gradually cease. It is then when you will be able to see whether or not you truly “need” the things that you are attracted to, it is then you will be able to see the situation with wisdom and clarity rather than with craving.

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