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"Misfortune Is Fortune Misunderstood"


Defining Misfortune

Misfortunate can be defined as "bad luck."

For instance when we encounter a negative experience such as tripping over a wire, meeting an angry stranger, missing the bus etc, we can be in the belief that we are simply “unlucky.”

However, there is no such thing as bad luck or good luck.

From a spiritual perspective, misfortune is simply fortune misunderstood.

This article will address the negative mental state one can have towards "misfortunate" events and how these "undesirable" events can actually help us to develop the Knowing of The Self.

Misfortune In Depth

First we have to understand that there is no such thing as random luck.

At the spiritual / metaphysical level every action we do will always create a result. Thus whatever we receive will always be the accumulated result of all of our previous actions.

At the perceptual level, there is also no such thing as good luck and bad luck because it will always come down to the perception of what experiences we consider is bad and what is good.

For instance, some guys will find it a misfortune if their girlfriend becomes pregnant but others will celebrate the event. For instance, some people may find it a misfortune of being made redundant in their jobs while others may find it an opportunity to leave because now they have more time to be free and be aware of their greater goals in life.

Thus there will always be two sides to an experience and it will be up to our choices whether or not to perceive that experience as being fortunate or unfortunate.


Importance Of Addressing Misfortune

This article was written to address the deeper question,

“What drives us to see all experiences as Negative Experiences?”

It is by answering this question that one can expand their level of happiness. Because without addressing the question one can continue to be pessimistic and see all things happening around them in grim light, i.e. To always see the glass as half empty rather than half full.

This can make one feel “unfortunate” all the time and this can build subconscious stress and anger within.

When we cannot see the good within our bad experiences we can greatly suffer and come to the belief that the Universe or the people around us do not love us.

It is by transforming our perception of our experience that we can create ever-lasting happiness in our lives – to be happy in fortune and also to be happy in misfortune.

Path Of Creator

Misfortune In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The journey begins first with understanding that misfortune and fortune is a perceptual matter.

The journey is towards a more positive thinking, of developing the wisdom to to see the fortune in misfortunate experiences. Often the wisdom is accumulated through continually facing "unfortunate" events and realizing from the experiences that it is not so bad and that the experience was actually beneficial as it has helped one to grow. Usually the transformation process is catalyzed when one is pushed into extremely uneasy situations and has no way out of it – thus having no choice but to transform their pessimistic thinking.

In terms of what causes a pessimistic mind will always come down to our Sufferings. Our Sufferings will always be Caused by a lack of Acceptance of The Self.

For instance if we cannot accept people when they have a different opinion than us, for instance our parents, we will never be able to see the love behind their words but only the negative side of it.

Thus through simply working on our Sufferings, we will be able to discover that all experiences are opportunities to learn and grow - That all experiences are actually loving. And more often than not, Suffering experiences usually can make us grow to greater heights so misfortune is fortune misunderstood.

The destination is to be able to see everything as is. To not care for fortune or misfortune, but to accept all experiences as is. In such a state, the Self is in a state of harmony and happiness within, in a state of acceptance towards everything inside and outside.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Every time you find yourself declaring “I’m so unlucky” simply tell yourself that “I am lucky” and try to find reasons within the experience to justify it. When you do this you will experience surprising results.

So instead of always focusing your attention on pointing out the negative things of the event, you can use this practice as a way to address this negative habit and learn to see the positive side to everything.

The Creator's Meditation
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Every time you experience the feeling that you want to stop the practice because you feel it is too painful, Still your mind by Accepting the Present Moment as is by focusing on the body journey. This will help you to develop the ability to simply “Move” forward from the Negative Reactions rather than dwelling on them.

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