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"Focus is what gives Light/Mind Power"


Defining Focus

Focus is about being in control of our attention towards whatever we are doing rather than letting it waver.

When we are not in focus we are not in control. When we are not in control, the Mind will wander.

In the extreme, when we are not in control of our Wandering Mind - a mind which is so easily distracted by thoughts and emotions - it can dominate our lives. When we let our Mind become our Masters we will no longer be The Creator of our lives.

Focus In Depth

"When one focuses on too many things, then there is no longer focus"

Our mind is like light. When it is scattered then it will lose its intensity and power. However when there is focus, then the Light will be able to shine with all its glory.

As we are in essence consciousness, Focus is what gives us power in the realm of consciousness energy and this is important because it is from this energy in which we use to create. When our mind is strong and focused we will have the power to achieve/manifest all our desires.

Focus can also be said to be about holding our intent, our will, the purposes that we have set for ourselves without wavering. How well we can focus on a particular thing can be simply be tested by how long we can focus on something. It is not possible to focus for a long time when the mind is wandering and moving its focus on something else all the time!


Importance Of Addressing Un-focused Mind.

A scattered mind can make us move from one task to another and end up leaving everything half-incomplete. When the Mind wanders, a lot of energy is actually being expended in “daydreaming” and this can lead to over-activeness, fatigue and inefficiency.

It can also lead to severe depression because when the Mind is cluttered with thoughts it will no longer be able to appreciate the Present as Is. In fact, each experience will seem clouded, dark and hazy as The Self will not be able to absorb the totality of each experience in full clarity.

A Wandering Mind and this can also destroy greatly the quality of sleep.

It is by developing Focus that one can gain back strength and clarity in one’s Life. One will no longer be in a confusion as to what is going on. One will not easily become over-reactive and fearful when things go out of hand in life or when there are problems in life to solve.

Path Of Creator

Focus In Relation To The Path Of Creator

It is quicker to reach a destination when our Mind is focused on reaching that destination. A wandering Mind can take us to go around in circles before reaching there. Thus it is important to have a focused Mind if we wish to accelerate our journey towards greater Happiness.

An Unfocused Mind is a Suffering State.
It is not a state of Happiness rather it is a state of Limitation.

Most people may fall into the illusion that a wandering mind is a happy state because of the excitement it can bring to the mind - not aware of the negative effects it has on the consciousness during and after the excitement disappears.

What can cause an Unfocused Mind?

What we will find is that the Mind will begin to wander when one is experiencing some sort of suffering and pain.

And as The Seed Cause of all forms of Sufferings come from Negative Ideas, let us look at how we can address the issues of an Uncofused Mind at a deeper level.

At The Idea Level

When the Mind is in an unfocused state, it is actually in a state of Rejection, i.e. when we are unfocused on what is happening in front of us we are actually in the state of rejection towards the experience that is happening right in front of us.

The Mind can be in such a state when it is overly-stimulated i.e. from continuously doing stimulating things or from the thoughts of doing things in the future etc.

The Mind can also be in such a state when it is experiencing many Fears i.e. the fear of bungee jumping, talking to people, of making mistakes.

Thus by simply working on developing Stillness and Transforming one’s Sufferings then naturally the issues of an unfocused Mind will naturally resolve itself. And to work on Stillness, one can simply do less throughout the day rather than always pile up one’s day with multitude of things to do or multi-task all the time (which can greatly stimulate the Mind). Working on one thing at a time can help to work on focus and developing control over the mind in general.

The destination is simply to become a master of oneself rather than let one's mind be its master.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

When one begins on the Path one will become a bit confused as to “What to focus?” when one is doing a particular task.

In such a scenario, simply release oneself from the confusion by simply working on staying Present and Grounded rather than Wandering in the Mind.

The goal is to focus on the Present Moment rather than the Wandering Thoughts.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

Through the Meditation you are learning how to develop focus. I.e. through your journey of simply focusing on the body journey and trying your best not to wander off. Of course if the Mind is in a state of stimulation one will encounter many moments when one will wander off.

The point here is in learning how to pull back oneself into a grounded state and refocus on their body journey when this happens. And the more one does and simply observes the experience the more the Mind will be released from a stimulated state and wander less. This is how we train the mind to listen us - by giving it instructions and making sure it follows.

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