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"Even the most difficult journey can be made fun"


Defining Fun

Fun simply means to do something which makes you happy.

It may be about reading a book, playing video games or simply going out with friends.

This article is about looking at the beneficial and destructive aspects of fun.

Fun In Depth

In terms of spiritual growth, there is a constructive and destructive side to Fun.

For instance, when we are constantly doing fun things, it can create a habit / attachment to do fun things all the time. As a result, when one is not doing something “fun” one may feel an emptiness that needs to be filled thus the search for fun begins again and again.

This can greatly stimulate the mind which can block the Knowing of The Self. Becoming attached to only doing fun things in life can also create an aversion to doing things that are not fun - and most often these can include challenging things which can make us grow.

However, when there is no attachment then having fun in everything we do in life can be a beneficial thing.

For instance, when we are constantly doing things which are not fun i.e. boring, one can experience a great drain in their energy levels. Doing fun things are good in that it helps to relax the body and mind provided it does not over-stimulate the mind.

Thus learning how to balance boring and tedious activities with more interesting activities can help one to achieve a more balanced state of mind.


Importance Of Knowing Fun

Some of us may have negativity towards fun things believing that it is a waste of time, whist there are us who have become too attached to doing fun things al the time.

Without addressing the imbalance, one may end up taking life too seriously / personally and on the other side one may end up becoming “addicted” to doing fun things all the time which can affect the stability of one's mind.

Path Of Creator

Fun In Relation To The Path Of Creator

When one becomes aware of their greater purpose in life which is to grow then one may question as to whether or not incorporating fun into their life is a good thing or not.

The Path to transform and release our Sufferings is indeed a serious Path. It is a journey which one takes to face one's fears, to overcome one's challenges so that one can become greater and happier than the day before.

From the perspective of a “seriously” mind who is on the Path of challenges, the Idea of fun thus can be seen a bit unnecessary.

. However the Truth is that this is not so much the case. The Path can actually can be accelerated if one knows how to use Fun to accelerate their journey.

Realize that when one takes too seriously on their Path one can become narrowed minded, tense and all wound up. It can be hard to let go of things and not to react when one's mind has become so tight and defensive.

Sometimes doing relaxing / fun things can help one to ease up. Thus fun in this sense can help those people who are spiritually tense and this will help them to release their Negative Ideas and their Negative Habits.

Thus learning to incorporate fun things into one's life can help to ease the mind into a more balanced and stable state.

The destination however is in addressing our attitude towards everything we do in life - i.e. why can we simply not enjoy everything that we do. And ultimately this will take us towards addressing the Suffering State of mind.

At The Idea Level

Let us look at some Negative Ideas in relation to Fun that can bring Sufferings into one’s life.

“It is not ok to have fun”

For those who have been following the tradition of living an ascetic life and not doing anything fun so that they can attain “enlightenment” – the Idea of doing fun things can certainly seem a bit unusual and unnecessary..

Some people may even question -

Would enjoyment create attachment which creates suffering?

When one is in this confusion, simply realize that suffering comes only when we are attached to our desires and pleasant sensations. As long as there are no attachment towards fun activities then one would not experience Suffering.

Thus here one can use Fun as a catalyst to test their levels of attachment towards those things.

For instance, the true test of whether one is attached to money or gambling is not by abstaining from spending money for a lifetime, but rather is to see whether one’s heart would flutter even a bit when money is dangled in front of them.

Thus a monk who lives in the mountains for all his life will never truly know the levels of his attachment until he returns to society.

This however is not to say to do all things that one is attached to. This is to say that it can be used as a means to test one’s level of attachment.

Not Enjoying Life

If one cannot find anything Fun in life, then the cause usually will have to do with the Stress of the Mind. The Stress can come from over-working and over-stimulating the mind.

And Negative Ideas are the Seed Cause of all stress in the mind.

Our Negative Ideas can create the subconscious habit of always declaring

“This is not fun”

“I will not enjoy this”

“This is a waste of time”

And so forth.

Thus Negative Ideas can create a pessimistic mind - driving us to only see the negative side of whatever we do.

However, there are ways to open ourselves up again and this is to simply trying to develop the awareness of the brighter side of everything which we do.

The following declarations can help to brighten the mind which has been darkened by Negative Ideas.

“I’m going to try to find things to enjoy about this”

“I’m going to try to make the other person laugh when I talk to them”

“I’m going to try to find interesting things about this topic”

Transforming Declarations

When one is aware of the Negative Ideas happening within one's negative experience one can simply attempt to invert them to ease the Mind and develop the Knowing of THe Self from observing the inner resistance towards the potentiated Idea.


“This is worthless” ->”This is valuable”

“This is boring” ->”This is enjoyable”

“I’m going to keep a low profile” -> “I’m going enjoy the attention”

“I’m going to keep the conversation short” -> “ I’m going to prolong conversation”

And so forth

The attempt of trying to act out the inverted declarations through action is one of the way to accelerate the process of releasing one's attachment towards one's negative habits.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Observe your life to see if you are either having too much fun *Stimulating the Mind* or you are having too little fun *Lack of Drive in the Mind*

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

Whenever you experience “boredom” in your meditation sessions, simply observe everything with Stillness. Try your best to not feed the negative energy into believing that the meditation is a negative experience. Simply observe everything with a Still Mind. You can even declare “This is fun” to develop the Knowing of how simple things such as declarations can have on the consciousness.

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