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"Make it your job to find a job you will enjoy"


Defining Employment

Employment is about finding a job.

For most of us, there will be a time when we will inevitably need to search for a job. So it's not something that we can avoid in life.

This article will look at the ways we can use this as a way of catalyzing and transforming our Sufferings.

Employment In Depth

Finding a job can be very difficult especially when you are confused as to what you really want. To make it worse, you may even have fears of applying for the job you want.

In fact, fears and confusion will always come hand in hand because fears of how people would judge us can hold us back from going forward towards our desires and this can make us confused as to what we really want.

But as one clears the fears, all will be clear.


Importance Of Addressing Issues To Do With Employment

It is important to address the fears and confusions we have in relation to finding a job because our fears will not only prevent us from applying for jobs that we want, but it can also stop us from applying for jobs that are “better” for us. When we turn away from getting a job of our dreams just because of our fears of not being able to get it we are in fact turning down the opportunity to live a more fulfilling and happier life.

The fear and confusion faced when finding a job is in fact a reflection of the deeper issues we have inside that is waiting to be addressed. For instance, our fears of interviews, of asking for higher-pay, of promoting ourselves - these are reflections of the way we see ourselves. Here it may be issues about confidence, or the belief that we do not deserve greater happiness and so forth that is really creating the fears and confusion.

Without addressing these inner issues then we will always see ourselves in low-light and this will affect our life not only in moments relating to employment but also in every moment – in our relationships, in our creativity, in our goals etc.

Path Of Creator

Employment In Relation To The Path Of Creator

We can use Employment as a catalyst to transform the quality of our life of not only in the Outer World but also in the Inner World.

As discussed previously, any issues relating to employment can always be traced back to some sort of fears.

And as the Seed Cause to all forms of Sufferings can always be traced back to Negative Ideas, let us look at issues concerning Employment at the level of Negative Ideas.

At the Idea Level

One of the Main Negative Ideas that we will find is

"It is not ok to be rejected"

And this Negative Idea can branch into different Negative Ideas.

“It is not ok to be arrogant”
“It is not ok to deserve better”
“It is not ok to be happy”
“It is not ok to fail”
“It is not ok to do the wrong thing”

And so forth

But let us look at the Negative Ideas from a more simplistic point of view.

It is ok to be rejected

To release our attachment from the declaration will require us to accumulate the wisdom that it is ok to be rejected.

If you have a lot of fears of rejection then you may fear applying for a job. This fear can create confusion, the fears can make you question and believe that maybe this job is not the right job for you or you are not the right person for the job or that you are not good enough for the job etc. Either way, when you hold yourself back from applying for jobs out of these fears and confusion it will never do good because you will miss out on the opportunity to accumulate any job-interview experiences. And accumulating this experience is especially important when you finally find a job that you really want so you could do well in the interview.

The Catalyst here is to simply realize that all job interviews are catalysts for not only developing the skill of job interviews but also at the deeper level of developing the Knowing of The Self and Self-Transformation.

Because it is only by applying for many jobs that you may get a chance for an interview. And it is by going through the process that can bring out the Inner Fears even more.

The Catalyst here is to simply tell yourself that you are doing it for the experience of accumulating Interview Skills when you experience the fears, confusions, and questions surfacing in the mind. The advice here is to simply apply for all the types of jobs, even those jobs that you don't want simply with the goal of improving your interview skills if.

Thus use employment as a way to develop the Knowing of the Self. And generally the more you fail and the more you become rejected the less negative it will be experienced the second time and this will help to ease the fear of getting rejected.

It can be hard when you have too much fear concerning finding a job because it can make you feel that the whole world is watching your interview and waiting to witness your failure. Simply realize that there will always be hundreds of people who are going for the same jobs as you, and out of those hundreds only a few will make it through. Thus you are not the only one in the limelight, other people are also in the limelight of the auditioning process. Thus there is no need to take the experience too personally when you fail. And it is only when you have being rejected that you can realize that it is actually not so bad.

Realize that the very first steps of applying for jobs can be a frightening experience.

But realize that the fear is there because there is a lack of support that you have for yourself.

Simply work on all the negativities, fears and Sufferings that come up and then the darkness concerning employment will be naturally illuminated.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

You can apply for jobs that you don’t want and apply for jobs that you want as catalyst to bring out Inner Fears

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

Every time we apply for a job or when we are in the thought of applying for a job it can bring out great states of fear and confusion to the Mind or other kinds of stimulation.
When we allow our Mind to wander off like this it can create difficulties to sleep at night and also make us lack focus in our tasks.

Thus in these moments simply meditate and observe the body journey without giving any stimulus to the thoughts. This way the Mind will calm and then all will become clear. And carry such mentality towards every moment in your daily life to observe all things with a Still Mind.

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