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"There is a connection between the Breath and Your Life. Improve the quality of your Breath, and you will improve the quality of your Life"


Defining Breath

If there is one thing that we all do, it is breathing.

It is through the breath that we live.

Without the breath, there will be no life.

The Breath thus is important, because there is a deep relationship between our life and our Breath.

By improving the quality of our Breath, we will be able to improve the quality of our life.

This article will look at the relationship in which we have with our breath, and the ways in which we can use our breath to develop the Deeper Knowing of The Self.

Breath In Depth

Three are three aspects of the Breath.

1. Inhalation.

2. Exhalation.

3. Suspension.

A good quality breath is when the breath is naturally full, smooth in a relaxed way.

It is enlightening to know that naturally out of all the internal organs of our body, the only part in which we can manipulate is the breath. I.e. we cannot tell our stomach to stop digesting, we cannot ask our body to become colder, we cannot ask our eyes to look further and so forth.

However, all of us can control the way in which we breath. And through becoming the master of the breath, we can become the master of our internal organs because how well our organs will operate will always come down to the quality/amount of oxygen we take into our body.

Path Of Creator

Breath In Relation To The Path Of Creator

The Path is not about “controlling” our breath so that it becomes Natural and Perfect.

Rather, it is about addressing the Causes of it being Unnatural so that it can naturally becomes “Perfect.”

If we look deep enough what we will find that The Seed Cause of a poor quality breath will always be traced back to our Sufferings.

Realize that the quality of our breath is affected by not only our physical state but also our emotional and mental state.

I.e. when we are angry, our breathing can become irregular.

When we are agitated in fear, our breath will become agitated.

When we feel heavily burdened, our breath can lack “fullness” and so forth.

Thus naturally as we work on addressing our Sufferings, our Fears, Our Negativities, our Judgements, our Anger etc, the quality of the Breath will naturally improve. Thus no technique will be introduced, as the greater work is done by addressing our suffering states of the mind because as as the negative states of the mind is naturalized so too will be the breath.

"Energy Through Breath"

The operation of all the internal organs including the heart which pumps blood throughout the body are all dependent on the Breath. Simply observe the importance of the breath by witnessing the body shutting itself down as we simply hold our breath and stop breathing. If you take full breaths in and out a couple of times you will be able to experience a surge in energy coming in as your body organs become reinvigorated.

Thus the quality of how you breath in every moment matters. The deeper you breath, the more your body will receive the energy to operate and the more alert and energetic you will feel. If you breath is shallow then the easier you will become tired.

It is important to improve the quality of our mental stateif we wish to improve the quality of our breath because as stated previously there is a relationship between them. For instance when we are stressed we can become so focused on what's in our mind that we can forget to take proper breaths. When we are lacking motivation or inspiration, we can lack the same motivational energy to take a breath straight after one another and end up taking in less air.

Our breath can also become confused, uneven and discontinuous when we cram our lives with things and things to complete within a certain time.

So in a way you can become aware and observe the quality of your breath to tell whether or not it is natural to see if there are any underlying negative reactions happening in the back of the mind.


Develop Experienced Knowledge

To develop the Knowing of how our breath affects our mental state one can simply develop an awareness of Breathe and one’s Mental state in every moment.

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

When you meditate simply let the breath be as it wants to be without the need to control it i.e. to make it perfect.

By allowing the breathe to be as is during meditation will allow you to develop the Knowing Of The Self clearer and faster. Naturally when you react negatively in pain the breath will become agitated, and when you observe the mind with Stillness and great Focus the breath will almost be Still.

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