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"Believe in yourself"


Defining Confidence

Confidence is about having Self-Belief – in your ideas and your actions. See Catalyst - Support for deeper insight into Confidence.

Confidence In Depth

Confidence is a State of Mind.

When the Mind is not confident, then it is in a state of Doubt

One thus can appear confident but lacks confidence within. It is important thus to focus on developing confidence within rather than focusing so much on how we should appear. This is because once we have confidence within, then we will naturally appear more confident rather than it being a forced confidence.


Importance Of Addressing Issues With Confidence

When we lack self-confidence it can greatly create internal blockages in relation to the ways in which we express ourselves and in our ability to be unique and creative.

When we lack Self-Belief, we can carry the negative belief that we will fail in doing everything especially the things that we believe in. This will hold us back from achieving our deeper purpose in life.

It is important to address any issues of Self-Confidence if one wishes to live a more fulfilling life. The primary drive behind the state of un-confidence will always be some sort of fears to do with self-judgement – i.e. fears of failing, fears of being wrong, fears, fears of being rejected. So it is important to take the step to address the issues of un-confidence to uncover one’s deeper fears.

Path Of Creator

Confidence In Relation To The Path Of Creator

Confidence does not come with just a click of a finger. Developing Confidence is a journey. And we always can be more confident than the day before.

We can develop confidence simply by facing challenging experiences with a positive attitude. Confidence is developed when we "attempt" to support ourselves and "believe" in ourselves when we are faced with a challenging experience. This is how confidence is slowly developed through time.

However if we go through life facing each experience with doubt then no confidence will be developed. Thus having self-belief is the best catalyst to accelerate the development of self-confidence.

But to directly address issues to do with confidence we need to look into the cause of why there was a lack confidence in the first place. And this will take us to explore the deeper cause which are our Sufferings - in particular our fears.

And as the Seed Cause of all sufferings will always recede back to the Negative Ideas let us look at the issues of confidence at the level of Negative Ideas.

At The Idea Level

The theme of Negative Ideas which can create issues of confidence will be Negative Ideas which promote Negative Judgement towards The Self.

“It is not ok to be wrong”
“It is not ok to fail”
“It is not ok to be rejected”
“It is not ok to be unique”
And so forth

Let us look at a Negative Idea to understand a bit more.

“It is not ok to be arrogant”

For the mind which carries such Negative Declaration, one would have sustained the negative declaration out of the fear that one would become rejected if one were to be arrogant – and this Negative Idea can also be fuelled by rejecting others when when they are arrogant.

To release, realize that one has the divine right to be oneself no matter how strange or unique one is. There is nothing wrong with being arrogant or “appearing arrogant.” The focus here is in developing Self-Belief.

See Catalyst - Support


Develop Experienced Knowledge

Behind the lack of confidence there will always be some sort of fear driving it.

Simply question yourself each time you experience the issues of confidence to develop the Knowing of The Self even deeper.

“What are my fears behind the experience?”

The Creator's Meditation
Link here

Use the practice of meditation to develop confidence. In the practice of meditation when you encounter moments of self-doubt, simply observe it as is with a Still Mind rather than to engage it, to diminish it, or to try to exaggerate it. Simply observe it to overcome the Self-Doubt by simply placing your attention on completing the body journey.

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